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So if you all saw the most recent episode of Arrow then you know that Oliver told Thea about his secret of being the arrow.

Suprisingly she took this very well considering she cries every time she is lied to. Well then you also know that Malcolm decides they should face Ra's al Ghul together as a team.

So you have Arrow, the Dark archer, and wait hold up.....who is Thea going under the alias as. Well here are my guesses Cheshire a villain like assassin who uses expert skills with blades.


My reason Why she could be Cheshire is the hard practice she has been doing with Malcolm when it comes to using swords.

And then you have Artemis the spitting image of the Arrow himself only just a female.

Artemis...looks like the Arrow doesn't she.
Artemis...looks like the Arrow doesn't she.

Why do I think this because I don't know if you have caught on to these hidden Easter eggs in the first season of the arrow but take a look.

Thea Queen
Thea Queen

Well do you see those obmiscuous thing circled in the back, yeah well those Are archer trophies so is thea bidding the secret that she can handle a bow an arrow.

Although it is a possibility she could be one nnow, and the other in future episodes.

Tell me what you think.


Who do you think she will be?


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