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WARNING: There are some spoilers in the summary of the first episode

Utopia is an amazing British series and is nothing like I have ever seen before. Utopia has no flaws in my eyes though I am aware that some might find it too violent or the violence unnecessary (If you are squeamish or don’t like have been warned) but I think they’re just making good use of their amazing special effects artists.

The brilliance of the storyline:

The thing I love most about Utopia is that it challenges the mind and you have to pay attention whilst watching or you will not understand the storyline. Not only is it thought provoking but also it tackles an issue of the world, over population. I don’t know how to explain the storyline without giving the whole storyline away because it becomes deeper and even more thoughtful and complicated as you watch.

I will however give a small summary of what happens in the first episode so I can prepare you for the most gruesome scene and give you an example of how it is thought provoking:

Four enthusiasts (Becky, Ian, Wilson and Grant) of a graphic novel called ‘The Utopia Projects’ meet up with another enthusiast who says he has the second manuscript, which is impossible because there isn’t a second one.

An illustration from the graphic novel.
An illustration from the graphic novel.

Only three of the four show up (Becky, Ian, and Wilson). They were previously going to meet at the man’s house but Grant says he doesn’t trust him so he would rather meet at another location. Grant goes to the man’s apartment to investigate and while there witnesses the murder of the man. Grant manages to get the second manuscript and is now on the run. While this is all happening Wilson encounters trouble…It’s the same people who committed the murder. They tie Wilson up and get ready to torture him, they keep asking,” Where is Jessica Hyde?” Wilson doesn’t know who Jessica Hyde even is and unfortunately is then tortured…Let’s just say his eyes must have been in excruciating pain.

The torture scene...
The torture scene...

In the mean time Becky and Ian discover something about the graphic novel…There is a disease called DEELS that Becky’s dad died from. There is a pattern in who got the disease and in the graphic novel is a drawing of the genetic mutation of DEELS.The problem is DEELS only existed after the graphic novel was published…

The first episode then ends with an interesting visitor...

The whole package:

Utopia has a great storyline but sometimes even a great storyline doesn’t make a good series, though that is not the case with Utopia because Utopia has the whole package. Utopia has great cinematography, every clip is beautiful, and they can even make a violent scene seem peaceful.

The cinematography isn’t the only think that makes you sort of calm throughout this chaos but the music can too. The whole time I watched this series I loved the music, it’s unusual but it works perfectly and has a great effect on every scene. Cristobel Tapia De Veer is to thank for the amazing soundtrack.

The soundtrack.
The soundtrack.

Utopia has great characters too, and you can relate to them...Well, before all hell breaks loose... The actors for the characters were chosen very well, they suit their characters and are amazing actors.

This. Series. Is .Truly .Enthralling!Go watch it now! :)


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