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First airing in 1996, Sabrina The Teenage Witch became both the TGIF programming block and carved a niche for itself on The WB network. A lot has changed in the past 19 (?!) years. Especially the cast!

1. Melissa Joan Hart/Sabrina Spellman.

Former Clarissa explained that actress Melissa Joan Hart still continues to be a powerhouse on the small screen, last appearing in the sitcom Melissa and Joey for the ABC Family Network.

2. Caroline Rhea/Hilda Spellman

Since the end of the program, everybody's favorite "cool aunt" starred in her own talk show and was the voice of Grandma Betty-Jo Flynn on Disney's Phineas and Ferb.

3. Beth Broderick/Zelda Spellman

Besides sporting that sweet mug in the picture above, "Aunt Zelda" Beth Broderick continues to act, most recently appearing the CBS summer series Under The Dome and the TV Christmas flick A Perfect Christmas List.

4. Nate Richert/Harvey Kinkle

The boy next door, Nate Richert's Harvey Kinkle was the object of Sabrina's affections for years. These days Richert makes his own magic as a singer and musician.


Check out this video that features all of the openings to Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.


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