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Batman is a character we all love. He is an icon. A staple of pop-culture. So much so that he is a guaranteed money maker with history spanning now 75 years and remains to be one of the most popular fictional people ever. He's known the world over and in the hearts of many so it's no wonder Hollywood keeps trying to adapt him. First appearing in the 1943 film 'Batman' he has in total been portrayed on the big screen 10 times, with at least three more in the next ten years. If you include animated appearances in doubles the number.

But do you know what really got me? None of these live action appearances really ever got it....well....right. They all seemed to be off. Not true comic book Batman. You started of with the early stuff like the '66 show which Batman was way to flamboyant and jokey for his own good, being portrayed by a pot-bellied man in a skin tight suit with laughable villains and a ridiculous Robin. The Burton films were great but very dark, they were probably the closest but it left out some of the cheeriness and major points of the comics because it wanted to be gritty. Schumacher made two abominations with the barley tolerable Batman Forever and Batman and Robin which was basically '66 Batman with a bigger budget and possibly even more laughable to watch. Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy was phenomenal and The Dark Knight is still my favourite film ever but it was way too grounded, Batman's costume was too practical, the villains looked good and there was so. Much. Tension. It just didn't seem like an adaptation of a comic book character but more like a crime drama with inspiration from Batman.

So I was trying to figure out, what is the problem Hollywood has with adapting The Bat? I mean it seems other formats can manage it like animated shows and films or the Arkham games. Batman: The Animated Series is to a lot of fans the image of Batman, on many accounts it nails the plot the only problem is it's harder to believe because its a cartoon. The Arkham games fixes that by giving, what I believe to be, the best interpretation of the franchise. The universe is spot on, most of the characters and relationships are accurately presented, Arkham Asylum and Arkham City were god-damn amazing as Arkham Knight is sure to be, plus it's actually believable for the realistic character models, sets and voice actors (which conveniently are the ones from the animated series). So I don't see why there's a problem on the silver screen with the Caped Crusader and his allies.

Because I'm both a Batman nerd and a film buff here is my presentation for my own Batman film series first instalment which does deviate from the comics (because f the incredibly long and complicated stories) but still tries to give an accurate perspective of the mythology.

Here it is:

The Batman

Plot: This is set about a year into his career where he has started to gain notoriety. It starts of with Batman on the prowl jumping along the roof tops talking to Alfred searching for Two-Face. It switches to Two-Face who is in a deal with Falcone's men. They're trying to agree a deal as they don't want to be out if this legendary 'Batman' exists. This is when Batman drops in on them and shows them what for. He then asks Alfred to inform the police before making his exit.

He arrives back at the manor where he immediately goes into the Batcave. Alfred says he should take a rest. Alfred informs Bruce that the son of his fathers business rival is back in town. Bruce is intrigued and goes to meet with this Oswald Cobblepot. Whilst at Oswalds new manor they have a very interesting conversation where Bruce definitely senses that something is up. Bruce says to him that he'd love to throw Cobblepot a welcome back party and that he doesn't get a choice. That night Batman goes on patrol and finds thugs in a clean area, he falls on them and defeats them easily and interrogates one of the members. He asks them who they work for, they reply "the new king pin" Batman demands a name and they reluctantly reply "The Penguin" Batman knocks him out. Batman quickly links Penguin and Cobblepot.

Skip to Bruce at the party as Cobblepot arrives with some sleazy looking women and his umbrella being used almost as a cane. The party goes as planned as Bruce gets a very nice opening to talk Oswald. They discuss business where Bruce is able to discover one of Penguins criminal clubs.

Cut to Ferris Boyle doing paper work, he believes everyone has left but his monitors show him activity on the lower levels, he goes down to a basement facility to discover Victor Fries with his wife who had been hidden in cold storage. Fries panics and trips causing a vast amount of his equipment and chemicals to land on him. Boyle phones the hospital but fires him and takes his wife as the chemicals and facilities preserving her belong to him.

Batman later that night sneaks into the Iceberg Lounge where he silently makes his way to the back to find Cobblepot with some of his goons. Penguin describes his goal to simultaneously steal the Wayne family fortune and take over Two-Face's current criminal empire, Batman then jumps down on them defeating the easy thugs. Penguin panics and orders his two muscular guards to get the Bat as Penguin makes a getaway. Batman defeats the two but not in time to catch Cobblepot.

The next day Bruce attends a Wayne Enterprises meeting to keep up with his company, whilst he is there he is acquainted with his new business partner Ferris Boyle. They discuss each-others work before Boyle remembers that they're both up for the Man of the Year Award next week. They part. Cut to Victor Fries breaking into his old lab, talking to himself as he's figured out he can only survive at sub-zero, he finds a proto-type suit and equipment he was working on which he re-engineers to help his situation before making his escape.

Cut to Bruce suiting up his tux with Alfred, a quick talk about how the Gotham underworld can survive without the Bat tonight before they head out. At the award ceremony everybody is enjoying themselves, except Commissioner Gordon, Bruce approaches him to make small talk about his impressive work since becoming Commissioner in such a tough city and the 'Batman'. They're interrupted by the announcer about to reveal the winner. After a small speech by the mayor and the nominees read out they give the award to Boyle for his innovations and charity work. He graciously goes up and accepts it before he starts giving his speech. Abruptly, the wall breaks down and Mr. Freeze storms in and tries to blast his freeze gun at Boyle.

Boyle manages to avoid it and starts running. Gordon gets all local police officers to engage in a frontal attack as Bruce tells Alfred to get the Batsuit. The police do practically no damage as Freezes brushes them off with ease, Batman prceeds to try and attack Freeze. The attack doesn't work incredibly well as Bats is froze to a wall Batman can't get out and is stalled. Freeze finds Boyle and freezes him almost entirely asking him where Nora is, he refuses to give in to a madman, Freeze completely locks Boyle in ice. Batman escapes and launches another attack after sneaking up on him, this attack cripples Freezes suit before Victor makes an ice wall and manages to make a get-away. Bruce returns home, angry at his failure to save a life.

Penguin finds Freeze's hideout and makes him a deal. Cobblepot will find Nora and provide Freeze the money he needs to save her if he takes down the Batman. Freeze reluctantly agrees. Batman gets called to an average hostage situation down-town, when he arrives he see's the hostages on the floor of the warehouse he goes to help them when he's hit by a freeze ray. Freeze, Penguin and some goons walk out of the shadows. Penguin comments on his soon demise when Freeze turns around and Freezes Oswald as well. He says he could just steal it for himself with both of them frozen. He grabs a goon and makes him drive the van to Gotham City Bank. Freeze makes his way out. Batman escapes the hold calls Gordon to get the police to Penguin whilst he makes his way for the bank.

Freeze manages to break open the vault and is removing the contents before a batarang intervenes throwing freeze at the door as him and the Dark Knight engage in a heated battle. Batman comes out victorious knocking Freeze out just as Gordon and his men arrive on the scene. Batman and Gordon have a talk and become trusted allies. Batman returns to the cave and Freeze is shipped to Arkham.

The End

After Credits Sequence:

Batman is on patrol as Alfred informs him of strong radio signals coming from an area. Batman gets there and stares up at a skyscraper, the lights on the tower reform into a question mark and the radio signal is heard saying "Riddle Me This....."

That is the general plan I had but my real stuff goes into much more detail.


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