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WARNING: Maybe you'll get spoilers from S12E14 of Two And a Half Men

Well, at least, that's what the flash forward of yesterday's Two And a Half Men said to us.

The fourteenth episode of the last season showed us a vision of 2030, on Walden's mind. He is imagining living alone in the beach house, in Malibu. Alan, Lyndsey, Berta, Louis and even Mrs. McMartin left him.

In his birthday party, everyone is together again - even Michael Bolton made and appearence to steal the actually Walden's girlfriend, Mrs. McMartin. Berta is the first one to leave the reunion, and her reason is a joke of Chuck Lorre.

Berta said she was going home to watch series finale of the Big Bang Theory, and she spoiled Matthew McConaughey as the special guest of the episode.

Lorre is the creator of both shows. Big Bang has confirmed at least the season ten, while Two And a Half Men is going to have its end on next Thursday, on CBS, with "Of course he's dead - part one" and "Of course he's dead - part two".

Everyone's waiting for the return of Charlie Sheen as the iconic character Charlie Harper. Supposing this is really going to happen, what's your theories about a possible return for him?


Can The Big Bang Theory hold up for more fifteen years?


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