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So as we already known, (unless you've been living somewhere deeper than the Bat Cave), Ben Affleck is our newest Batman/Bruce Wayne. Like most, I wasn't too happy with this choice. Maybe since I know Kevin Porter, (whom some know him as Bat in the Sun's own Batman, as well Punisher) is a better version of, The Dark Knight in my bias opinion.

But whatever, I'll give Ben a chance before I throw stones.

Moving on: This reboot, (which I would love to screenplay for) has a great chance to open up some other characters in the Batman universe other than, The Joker, Catwoman, or The Penguin.

I get it, it's what the people knows that draws them in. Just like Superman with Lex Luthor.

Now you are going to ask me who should be in it if I don't like them.

Correction: I do, but there's so much more you can do with them. Or less.

Let me explain.

Take The Joker for example: You can have a mid 40's Bruce Wayne in his mansion asleep, having a nightmare recalling years ago when the jaded hair clown shoots young Jason Todd AKA Robin "dead" only to come back alive and strikes down as Red Hood trying to take down. While mind control of The Black Mask's .

See, you can someone old as a minor focus with someone new and fresh elements in the Batman films.

Characters like, Hush & Black Mask are newer. And even darker than most foes, but that who Batman is! A Dark Knight who wants to give rouges the chills and race your heartbeat until it flops out of your chest, like a fish out of water.

If it were me and they want to add, Black Mask use Roman Sionis' origin. He is better well known out of the two is currently.

I mean I would want to see Cassandra Cain Batgirl , (since she hasn't been reboot) But this would be a great way on maybe bringing her back in the comic books. Have a kick ass woman on the combat and behind the computer screen.

And that my reader is none other than, Oracle who a lot of you know as Barbabra Gordon who can try and talk to Todd out of it as she can relate being hurt by the Joker.

Those are my minor pitches.

Anywho, thanks for reading this. I hope to hear from you. :)



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