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Language graduate and geek. Fandom's include Doctor Who, Red Dwarf, Marvel, DC, Sherlock.

The planet Spaceball is running out of air. The solution? Kidnap Princess Vespa of the planet Druidia and steal their air, in comical fashion. Can Lone Starr (Bill Pullman) and Barf (John Candy) save the day whilst being pursued by the darstardly Dark Helmet (Rick Moranis)? Only time will tell...

Some of the jokes are genuinely funny, though slightly crude in places, so beware when you show it to younger viewers. The Star Wars references come thick and fast, even the music is reminiscent of the John Williams score. Brooks has made a good job of keeping the content original whilst making fun of not only the Star Wars universe, but of the film industry in general, from common tropes to the wonderful world of merchandising.

I genuinely believe that all fans will find something they like about this multi faceted work, some may like the smouldering sexual tension between the Princess and Captain Starr, others may find enjoyment in Dark Helmet's struggle to keep his composure in the presence of so many 'a**holes'.

With a potential sequel in the works, it will be interesting to see if Brook's style of parody can stand the test of time.


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