ByTristan Durney Roddy, writer at

So as everyone probably already knows The Flash is back next week....... But time travel has been announced!!!! I don't know about anyone else but I personally am excited! There is so many theory's out at the moment and I'm pretty sure they all point towards The Flash Point Paradox? Anyway after last weeks episode when Cisco reveals Barry did travel to the past, why wasn't the present affected? Maybe he went back twice already? To save his mother but then to fix the damage he has done in the present?But my theory is that Barry will go back and stop his mother from dying,but then the after affects begin to occur and Barry never meets Dr.Wells and never gets his powers. But what I haven't thought about yet is how he gets them back. Maybe you could all leave a comment as to whether you agree, or leave a different theory, I would love to hear them!


Do you agree with my theory?


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