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If I could I would pause my life for few years just to be able to watch more LOTR marathons, because life is already short as it is.

We’re all aware of the fact that Disney movies are fairytale fantasies that we enjoy watching so much, and yet we expect our love life to be the image of Belle’s and Beast’s, or the one of Ariel and Eric where they get to fall in love despite of all the awkward silence.

Why is that? Why did we decide (at some point of our childhood) that we should think of love as a magic carpet ride? We only have very few free miles to spend on a trip with Lufthansa, and I don’t have time to fly to China, I have college on Monday.

Magic carpet isn't the only thing Aladdin rode
Magic carpet isn't the only thing Aladdin rode

Speaking from my own experience, I was obsessed with Disney movies as a kid - you know, in the '90s, when Darth Vader masks were not sold in Disney shops (I still am, shhhh). I was obsessed with their simple love plots and their happily ever afters, and I liked to imagine myself as one of those princesses that finally finds her prince and is set for life. But many things have changed in the past two decades, I’ve been through good and bad when it comes to love. I’ve seen the dark side of it many more times than I’ve seen the illuminated one, and I have to tell you, I wouldn’t be good princess material in any dimension, let alone in this one.

Meagra knows what's up
Meagra knows what's up

Is it ok then for me to blame Disney for all my unreal expectations when it comes to relationships? Why do I, and I speak in the name of all of the girls out there (we had a meeting), still refuse to believe that men are in fact nothing like Disney’s charming princes that will sing a duet with you?

I wish I had the answers to all of these questions, but I don’t, because if I had them I wouldn’t be struggling with it myself. But I know one thing for sure: my expectations that were created 15 years ago are not unreal at all.

Everyone has the right to search for love that is represented in Disney movies, but we have to look at it as a metaphorical representation of love. Sure, it wasn’t easy for us, as kids, to understand the depth of all those fairytales, but now that we do we have the privilege to dream about that one magic sheets ride… Did I say sheets? I meant carpet!

No matter how cynical you are about love you have to admit that it still exists and that there’s still one person out there (whether or not you spend the rest of your life with him or her) that will change your life in a second, and leave an impact on you for the rest of your life; the good one and the bad one as well.

You will meet someone whose voice will save you from the stormy seas and get you to your shore, you will meet someone who will love you despite of your frightening or off putting appearance. You will meet someone who uses his wish to become a prince for you, someone who will drag you from the depths of Hades and take you to Olympus, and you will find someone who will let you go because you’re meant to stay in that place (Pocahontas reference, if you didn’t get it).

Don’t be bitter, and always dare to dream, even when your expectations seem unreal and unreachable. If you know how to love like a Disney character, sooner or later you will be loved the way you deserve, with a great song and a Disney logo at the end.


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