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This past week, Marvel blew our minds with the announcement that Spiderman would be swinging in to join up with the MCU from this point forward. After recovering from the initial shock, I began to ask myself "What about Garfield?"

A few days later, my question was answered with the unfortunate reports that Andrew Garfield will not be returning to the role, and that Marvel will be re-casting an actor who can portray a younger version of the character, presumably to lead on the [Marvel](channel:932254) Franchise after the eventual departure of Robert Downey Jr.

With that, many people began flooding the internet with the idea that Donald Glover should play Miles Morales, aka "Black Spiderman". Many people agreed that this was a good idea. I however, am not one of those people, and I would hope by the end of this article, you would not be either.

My main reason for not bringing Miles Morales to the MCU?


Miles Morales slinging webs
Miles Morales slinging webs

Now before you leave a nasty comment saying things like "You just don't want diversity, you bigot!" or "You just don't want him in because he's black!", allow me to explain.

Miles Morales is from the Ultimate Comics universe, however he was confirmed to exist in the mainstream "616" Marvel Universe as well. I am actually a huge fan of Miles. He's quite possibly the youngest version of Spiderman we've seen, getting his powers when he was only 13 years old. He is half African American and half Latino, from his mother and father's sides respectively. However, the most important part of his ongoing tenure of Spiderman is the fact that Miles took over the role after the Peter Parker of HIS world died. That's right. Dead.

R.I.P Peter Parker
R.I.P Peter Parker

At the hands of the "Ultimate Six" and a gunshot wound he had received saving the life of Captain America, Peter Parker died protecting the people he loved. However, watching from the distance was Miles Morales, who has had his powers for 3 months or so before hand, but was afraid of them and didn't want them. After witnessing this tragedy, Miles determined that he couldn't act scared anymore. He begins to blame himself for Peter Parker's death, claiming that if he had only just accepted his powers, that maybe he could have done something to help him out, and maybe Peter would have lived. Thus, Miles' journey as Spiderman begins.

In his journey, he faces public discrimination, people saying that he was dishonoring the image of Peter Parker by parading around in a Spiderman costume. He has to EARN the right to call himself Spiderman, a right he does eventually earn, from both Aunt May, and Spiderman from the 616 Universe as well. What made Miles such an amazing character to read about was how he struggled with overcoming the public backlash, his own fears and insecurities, and trying to do things to both live up to the Spiderman Legacy, and be his own hero. By no means is Miles simply a "Token Character".

But a key part of ALL of this is Peter Parker. In short, if you want Miles Morales to be the Badass Spidey in Black that he is in the comics and live up to how great he is in the comics, then you HAVE to have Peter Parker first become Spiderman, and establish himself as an amazing hero, so that his death has an impact. Then, and ONLY then, can Miles Morales be introduced and done right.


Who do you think should be introduced into the MCU


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