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Hands down, Casino Royale (the 2006 version) is my favorite Bond film (and most people agree with me - score!). But did you know these (double-oh) 7 fun facts?

1. This was Director Martin Campbell's second go at Bond

The other Bond flick he directed? GOLDENEYE. The video game alone brings back so many memories. Speaking of Campbell...

2. The Director makes a cameo in "Casino Royale"

He met an early demise on the Miami Airport tarmac.

3. Richard Branson makes a cameo as well

Visionary billionaire and founder of the Virgin Group was being held up by security in the Miami airport scene. Hmm, I wonder what was in his pockets? Speaking of Miami...

4. The city of Prague was used for scenes that took place in "Miami"

But don't book your ticket just yet. Prague doesn't have a beach.

5. The suit Bond wears in the final scene is a nod to GOLDFINGER

Connery meet Craig. Craig, Connery.

6. Daniel Craig is a former Rugby player

The world's most famous double-0 once played for Hoylake RFC. Even better, he is still a fan of the sport today. And lastly,

7. Daniel Craig gained 20 pounds of muscle for the role

A Bond Girl magnet.

Do you have any ? Sound off below!


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