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Samuel L. Jackson is one the biggest names in Hollywood right now and has probably has been a part of some of your favourite films or franchises like Star Wars(1999-2005), Pulp Fiction(1994) and The Avengers(2012).

But in the recent years he has been well known for his role as Nick Fury in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, making his first appearance in arguably one of the best end-credits scene of all time where he appears in Tony Stark's house at the end of Iron Man in 2008.

He's appeared in the majority of all Marvel films since 2008 and has been a fan favourite, I speak for the masses when I say that the MCU would not be the same without him! Overall Samuel L. Jackson has appeared in 7 MCU films (Marvel Cinematic Universe) so far, so it has been speculated for a while now how many films he has left on his contract and finally Mr Jackson has come out with the details!

So to make things a little clearer about contracts, when you sign up for a character in the MCU Marvel Studios will give you a contract with the two main things pay and the amount of films you have to be a part of if you are asked. So far Samuel L Jackson has done seven Marvel films so far but in an recent interview for his new film 'Kingsman: The Secret Service'(2015) that he had two more films left on contract! See the full video below.

In recent years before the idea of the MCU there was a Nick Fury TV Movie released in 1998 featuring a different version of the character, but like all Marvel films before 21st Century it was pretty bad. But ever since the successes of the MCU and awesome action scenes with Nick Fury, fans have been begging for a Nick Fury standalone! In this IGN interview the interviewer asks him about a Nick Fury movie, but his answer was very brief and didn't reveal or hint anything besides the fact that he can be seen to be interested in doing one.

Interviewer: 'We're still waiting for the Nick Fury movie?'
Mr Jackson: 'Yes I am'

The scene below is probably one of my favourite action scenes in the MCU of all time. Black Widow and Hawkeye have nothing on this!

Please don't blame for spoilers in the next paragraph, but it's been 10 months since the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, I mean if you haven't seen the film then get it together because it's amazing! The next paragraph is just my theory on what's going to happen to him.

Speculation has also been put around the idea of Samuel L. Jackson's characters death in a near Marvel film now that his contract is coming to end, Hyrda-infested SHIELD is no more and now Agent Coulson has taken the mantle of the new Director of the newly formed SHIELD. I mean personally I do believe he won't be going anywhere soon, not only because he's a popular character but they just tried to trick the audience into believing his death and I'd deem it unlikely that would do it so soon after his faked death was one the biggest plot points in a recent movie.

So what do you guys expect? Leave your opinions in the comments below or leave an answer in the poll below, have a good day and thanks for reading!


What do you think the future of Nick Fury is?


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