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After a couple years of peace, the world is in danger once again and its up to the Z Fighters to save it!!! As from what we know of so far, a couple of Friezas loyal soldiers come to earth, collect the Dragon Balls, and wish Frieza back to life. Now if your a DBZ fanatic your probably thinking "well so what? Just about every Z Fighter can take on Frieza no sweat" and that is true but of course its not that simple. Friezas soldiers most likely wish him back with Godly power and strength or even stronger then that. By looking at the movie poster you notice a whole lot, first off Lord Beerus and Whis will be in the movie, both Goku and Vegeta have new Gi's, Krillin is bald again which means hes back in training, the 2 new ugly villains, and Frieza looking strong AF. Gohan is also in a track suit but is most likely to busy being a father then to train. Also if you look closely at Goku and Vegeta's Gi's, they have a new strange symbol on it, which means they are being or have been trained by a new Master. Everybody in the DBZ Community is more then sure that they are or have been trained by Whis or Lord Beerus. This could mean that Goku has mastered his Super Sayian God transformation and that hopefully Vegeta has finally reached Super Sayian 3. The movies official run time is just under 2 hours which is awesome! The movie will be released in April of this year in Japan, while it is said to be released around the end of the year in the US. "Revival Of F" will be the 15th movie of the series. Follow me on Twitter for more news and info


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