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SYNOPSIS: An aimless man absorbed by virtual reality connects with a hacker with plans of freeing people from virtual existence.

This film is being created for the David Lynch MA in Film.
DreamLogic is an Independent Art Film in Production that will revolutionize the Digital Film world, mixing techniques from Digital Animation and Digital Video to create a Modern Day Digital Odyssey.

In a world where technological advancement exceeds our inner development, addictions are born.
DreamLogic is an Odyssey of a man dependent upon a super advanced artificial intelligence to fill the void he feels within.
It is no lie that Artificial Intelligence is now the hot topic of today's modern debates. This film explores the reality of what an unprepared and internally incomplete humanity will be facing in the coming future, should we not take profound measures to develop our inner resources to match our technological capabilities.
This film will be a bold and inspiring look at the reality of dependency, grief, loss, and redemption in the face of totalitarian odds.
Donate today, and help get a message out which is frighteningly unheard in the midst of such a deep collective need.
Those of us behind this film all truly believe in the redemption of humanity, and feel strongly that the time has come for us Dreamers to unite towards our increasingly common goals. We also believe that a true vote is where the dollar goes, and that a vote for this film is a vote for the redemption of humanity being made real in the face of overwhelming odds.

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