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For anyone else who's been marathoning Friends since it arrived on Netflix, you've probably realized that they are often two uncredited characters that recur throughout the series.

No, I'm not talking about Chandler and Monica's twins. I'm talking, obviously, about Jennifer Aniston's prominent nipples. These unlikely stars consistently stole the show, but no one gave them their due credit.

Now, the good sir Dorsey Shaw at Buzzfeed has come right out and said exactly what's been on our mind for years: erect nipples were EVERYWHERE in Friends, especially on Rachel. But what could possibly be the reason for this trend?

1. Were the sets built inside a freezer?

I know they used that strategy in The Exorcist, but that was so you could see real icy breath, not nipples.

2. Was there a shortage of padded bras in the 90s?

There's an entire reddit thread about this very question.

3. Was this a "free the nipple" campaign before Instagram even existed?

Friends always was a groundbreaking show.

4. Did they give too many purple nurples between takes?

Perhaps Jen just constantly fell victim to the Lisa Kudrow's dastardly twister.

5. Was this a subliminal marketing campaign for M&M's?

No way.

6. Skittles?

Couldn't be.

7. Maybe headlights?

Then what?!

8. Is she just a strong, confident woman that can't always control how her body appears to the public?

Ding ding ding.

As it turns out, this may be more of Jen-specific quality and not necessarily about Friends. During one interview on Chelsea Lately, her friend Chelsea Handler outright says that Aniston's nipples are always visible through her clothes. Aniston looks down and notices that that interview was no different. I love that she's self-aware.

There's even a parody Twitter account entitled "Jen Aniston's Nips." Her nipples are admittedly a little self-involved. They pretty much only retweet compliments about themselves. Maybe that's why they never got an acting credit.

What do you think of the prominence of Aniston's nipples on Friends?


Did you notice this trend on Friends?


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