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Entertainment Weekly has released a video that teases the inevitable return of the villainous ape, Gorilla Grodd.

Since the start of The Flash, Grodd has appeared in a small capacity, with his past, and current state being briefly touched upon. The last time viewers saw the hyper-intelligent ape, was in the Peek-a-Boo centric episode, "Crazy for You," where Grodd was shown capturing two tunnel workers when they trespassed in his territory.

"Dear God!"
"Dear God!"

The teaser suggests that Grodd is close to coming on the show in full force, as it suggests that Grodd has developed his telepathic abilities because Clancy Brown's General Eiling can be heard talking about, "voices in my head." Eiling has been accused by Harrison Wells of treating Grodd inhumanely, which may be why Eiling is being targetted by Grodd. The new footage shows Eiling in Grodd's lair, where Eiling will come face to face with, "everything [he's] been working to achielve."

Fun fact: Clancy Brown voiced Gorilla Grodd in one of Robot Chicken's DC Comics specials.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW


Are you excited to see The Flash face off with Gorilla Grodd?!

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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