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Taking Woodstock is a surprisingly heartwarming movie - and I usually avoid that word. Based on a true story, with a book by Elliot Tiber (the main character) this movie makes you wish you were there, taking in Woodstock Festival - if you didn't wish that already.

Starring comedian Demetri Martin, actor Emile Hirsch, and many other famous faces - the script, the pace, and the cinematography of this movie really make it worth the watch. I have given it 10 stars as I feel I can watch this on any occasion and enjoy it every time.

Set in 1969 the story takes place in White Lake, Bethal, New York where protagonist, Elliot Tiber, has returned to help save his parents' failing motel business. When thinking of ways to bring the customers in, Elliot discovers a music festival being hosted by Woodstock Ventures has been cancelled and he decides that he wants in.

Once all the plans are put in place you see an array of 'hippie' characters descend upon the motel and the sleepy town of White Lake - much to the horror of many of the local residents, who then try to drive the festival-goers out and ostracize anyone taking part in helping to host this concert - whether they be part of Woodstock Ventures or members of their own White Lake community. BUT the 'hippies' will not be moved, and instead so many people make their commute to the concert that the roads were completely blocked and the musicians had to be flown to the venue, as well as creating an issue for anyone wanting to leave Bethal.

The story not only focuses on the hugely popular festival and how much carnage it caused for local residents, but it also focuses a large portion of the film on the strained relationship Elliot has with his parents, and hints at him battling with his sexuality (if you read up on the real Elliot Tiber, this is mentioned and so it is nice that they have kept this in as they could have easily written it out due to it not being central to the story).

I feel one other aspect that really makes this movie is the great soundtrack - although I could be biased as this 'Woodstock' era is my music of choice anyway.

All I can say is - watch this movie. I may not have described much of the story, but this is because I don't want to give away any spoilers. The heart and humour lies in the relationships and quirky characters that you are presented with rather than slapstick laugh-out-loud jokes that I could refer to in a review. Although, I could mention the 'special' brownies moment that is bound to make you laugh.

Check this movie out and write a review, as I can't see many more on here!


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