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Earlier this week, Marvel and Sony blew our minds by working out a deal to incorporate Spider-Man into the MCU. Everybody seemed to lose their minds over this news, because apparently, Marvel actually needs Spider-Man in their universe to be successful... I was not aware of that.

Now yes, I agree that Sony wasn't exactly making great Spider-Man movies in the first place. Although I still contend that The Amazing Spider-Man 1 is a fantastic film, and Andrew Garfield was the perfect Spider-Man, they kinda screwed everything up with the 2nd one. And don't even get me started on Spider-Man 3.

However, with all of that being said, I have a couple of issues with Spider-Man unofficially going back to Marvel to be in their universe:

1. Garfield was the perfect Spider-Man

Ya, you heard me. Now, this one might be a little petty, but it's the truth. Andrew Garfield was a great Spider-Man who was cursed with one mediocre film. He was great in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but the movie was muddled and messy. Garfield was quippy, sarcastic and funny under the mask while smart and socially awkward without it.

And I do know for a fact that Marvel won't find anybody who could play Spidey like Garfield. Do you really think someone like Dylan O'Brian or Logan Lerman could pull of the web slinger? I don't. And even though I think they should take a risk with their casting, we all know who they are going to cast and it just doesn't feel right to me.

And, to be honest, we have had five Spider-Man films split between two different actors. I do not want yet another Spider-Man dong the same the the other films attempted. Marvel should try Miles Morales or a different Spider character, but we all know they won't and I have grown a bit tired of constantly seeing Peter Parker's story and his struggles. I want something new, and I'm not sure that Marvel will be giving us something we haven't seen.

2. Spider-Man will get priority over other characters

Another gripe I have with this is that Spider-Man films and his includence in the world will take priority over other characters that I really was looking forward to. We already saw the Spider-Man effect when they delayed Black Panther and Captain Marvel in favor of Spider-Man.

Panther was supposed to appear in Civil War, in costume, before getting his own film, but his solo outing has been delayed in favor of Spidey. Will we still be getting him in Civil War, or has Black Panther's debut been delayed because Marvel wants us to see a character we are already familiar with?

Both Black Panther and Captain Marvel were supposed be released before Infinity Wars Part 1, but now they got pushed back till after... in honor of Spider-Man. Black Panther got pushed back nearly a year while Captain Marvel a couple of months. I guess we really don't need any diversity in these superhero films (sarcasm).

The reason we got a film like Guardians was because Marvel didn't have the rights to a character like Spider-Man, and they made a raccoon their most popular character. Now with Spidey back in the MCU, he will get priority and this will force Marvel to take less risks with their properties. Hopefully they prove me wrong, but I don't want Spider-Man at the expense of lesser known, more interesting characters.


Yes, I understand that Marvel is not Sony, and they will probably make better Spider-Man movies. However, I do not want Spider-Man at the expense of Black Panther. Will Panther still show up in Civil War, or will he be delayed until his solo movie? Why are Captain Marvel and Black Panther now coming out after Infinity Wars Part 1? Sony was 3/5 with Spider-Man movies as far as I'm concerned, and I've seen enough of the web slinger. I understand he is a major part of The Avengers in the comics, but this isn't the comics, and having Spider-Man in the MCU won't make the movies any better.


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