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I have a friend named Gabby, and she knows how to draw. I have taken a photo and decided to put them here. I think she's really talented. (I mean she auditioned for Harrison..) So, here is some of her work-

No, I'm 13.

One of my favorites from her is ^this one. And, you know, it's true.

On a whiteboard

She drew this when she was with me at a sleep over. It is our friend (Logan) as a girl.


This is Logan, again, as a white (Russian) girl. We need help.

Night At The Museum

This was when we were in class watching Night At the Museum 2 and she say this. And drew it.

Boob Window

This was when she probably asked herself "What is wrong with Tumblr?"

Captain Communist

This is our friendship, basically.

American Horror Story

Gabby started watching American Horror Story, and drew these~

These were her feelings on Chad.

Dark Lord Hima

I honestly don't know how to explain these...

New Book

So, Gabby got a new drawing book. This was one of her first ones.

Whats Up

Honestly, I've been thinking. Have I gotten weirder friends, or are they becoming more like me, and I'm more like them.

Todd and Beiber

1) We love (worship) Todd Haberkorn

2) We hate Justin Beiber...

Everything Must Be Symmetrical.


Friendship In A Photo

This is (literally) our friendship.


What do you think of Gabby's drawings?


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