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If you've read much of what I write about Arrow, you'll know three things. 1) This may be my favorite TV show in the past decade, 2) I kind of want to be Felicity (but with more luck in my love life), and 3) If only Oliver and Felicity could get it together, I could die happy.

Oliver and Felicity (Olicity, for those who love a good portmanteau) have been dragging us through a ridiculous roller coaster of a relationship for three seasons now, and inspired a truly impressive amount of fan fiction, tumblr accounts, memes and speculation. When Season 3 started, one of the most exciting pieces of news for many fans was that Olicity would go out on a date. Not just a work-thing, not a ruse or a stake out, but an honest-to-goodness date.

It hasn't been smooth sailing, and they have yet to actually really "be" together (wink wink nudge nudge), but both Oliver and Felicity have admitted their feelings for each other. There has been kissing. The word "love" has been bandied about. It looked like, despite the standard superhero reasons (it's too dangerous, I can never have a normal life, you deserve better, blah blah blah), these two crazy kids might actually be happy together.

Then of course, Oliver had to go and die, and then decide to work with Malcolm Merlyn, leading to Felicity deciding that she just didn't even know who he was anymore. When she walked away, real and fictional hearts broke all over the place.

In a recent interview with MTV, Marc Guggenheim talked about this new rift between our favorite pair, and backs Oliver's decision to put his role as Arrow before his relationship with Felicity.

I think Oliver did the heroic thing, and made a selfless choice to put what he’s doing right now ahead of any potential relationship with Felicity, I don’t think he expected Felicity to react the way that she did. So I don’t know how premeditated the decision was on Oliver’s part. One of the things I like about that scene between the two of them — I think it’s the audience response too — Oliver and Felicity both have a very strong point of view, and a very defensible point a view, in that final scene of episode 12. Whenever you can maneuver your characters into a situation where they both have a good argument to make, you’re on the right track.

In the same interview, he put a number on the chances of the two ending up together, and it doesn't give much away.

I'm going to be a dick and say 50-50. In large part because I want to see what the internet does with that comment. I can see them losing their minds, but that’s part of the fun. That’s one of the perks of my job, is getting to see what the internet does.

So not only is the future of Olicity still entirely up in the air, but he's having way too much fun messing with our heads.

Look at me, doing stuff with your comment on the internet. I would be mad, but honestly, it's just such incredible viewing, and I would probably be steepling my fingers and laughing maniacally too. Fair play, sir.


How do you feel about Olicity?


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