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I'm a Fan Theorist. I give ridiculous predictions for movies and TV shows. I'd like to call them "Ridictable Theories"!
Rand Benjamin Einfeldt

In the movie Nightmare on Elm Street, Johnny Depp's character, Glen, is killed by getting sucked into his own bed, which then led to a gruesome scene where buckets full of blood is flowing to the ceiling like a crimson fountain of death.

After that scene, Glen is presumed dead... but what if he didn't die? What if Krueger had something else planned for Glen? Possibly training a better replacement to carry out the nightmare terrors. But my question is what would be better than a fedora and sweater wearing burnt victim with knives for fingers?

Well for starters, let's remove the fedora and give Glen spider like looking hair.

Instead of a sweater, how about a full black leather bodysuit held together by belts.

Instead of having leather-like skin due to some fiery misfortune, how about skin that is a ghostly pale white(like Slenderman) with self inflicting scars.

And you know what would really add to the scare for Krogers creation? Doubling up on the weapons! Yes... you guessed it. Krueger wanted Glen to be the ultimate nightmare machine.

In order for Krueger to accomplish this, he needed someone that was skilled in making machine weaponry. And who would be the man to do this? None other than The Inventor played by Vincent Price himself.

Here is my theory. Krueger wants The Inventor to make him a monster replacement. The Inventor agrees to turn Glen into this monster but over time he grew fond of him like a son he never had.

The Inventor even gives Glen a new name, and I bet the inventor renamed his monster after himself, being forever known as Edward. But The Inventor didn't want his invention to have scissors for hands so he decides to give Glen human hands. When Krueger learns that The Inventor's heart had a changed, Krueger decides to stop his heart before the switching of hands took place.

After the death of The Inventor, Krueger tries to persuade Glen(now Edward Scissorhands) to become the monster that he was made for, but he refused and decides to use his weapons for good by trimming bushes, cutting hair and making ice sculptures.

Or maybe... and just maybe... both Edward Scissorhands and Freddie Krueger decide to settle their differences by becoming part of The Avengers alongside with Wolverine? One can only dream...

What do you think? Does this theory check out?


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