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As we are all now aware, Spider-Man is now going to be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is said that he will make an appearance in another MCU movie before his new movie release in 2017, and pretty much everybody is expecting it to be in Captain America: Civil War.

However, if this is the case, wouldn't it be better to give fans a tease of the wall crawler at the end of one of the two upcoming movies this year? I say, of course! By putting him into an end credits scene (which has become a staple of Marvel movies) fans would go nuts, and more than likely return to see the film it is attached to just to watch it again. Here is my take on how this could be done attached to Age of Ultron. I mean, why make us wait a while longer when we are all excited about this now?

The scene opens up in an office building in NYC, with a large group of people gathered around a large TV watching the aftermath of AoU. One of the people turns around to go grab a cup of coffee. While walking back, the person stops and stares at the wall. There is a framed newspaper article from the Daily Bugle hanging on the wall with the headline reading "Spider-Man, No More"

Obviously, something was hanging next to it. Instead there is a note hanging from a web that simply states "Give J.J. my regards".The person shouts across the room "Mr. Jameson! You might want to come take a look at this!" The Daily Bugle Editor in Chief looks up at where the person is staring.

"What?! Someone get Parker on the phone! Tell him Spider-Man is back, and I need pictures!" The scene then shifts up to see a fully suited up Spidey on the rooftop. He then shoots a web and swings in the viewers general direction allowing a fade out to black.

This would make an excellent way for Marvel to basically say "That's right. Spidey's home. Even Jameson says it, Spider-Man is back. It would even explain why he was missing through phase one and practically all of phase two. It also wouldn't take a lot of casting on Marvel's part either (Spidey could be anyone in the suit). So, what do guys think?


Do you think Spider-Man should be introduced to the MCU through an end credits scene or a full on role in a movie?


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