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With all the hype surrounding the release of fifty shades of grey, I took it upon myself to read the books. Not my proudest moment, but I felt the need to educate myself on what has been described to as "Mommy Porn."

I attended the premier screening, bared through it, and here's my two cents: It should have been more focused on the story instead of the constant power shifting roller coasted ride it was. Most scenes ended without a satisfactory conclusion. The sex? Well there was plenty of that, and it seemed to only be there for the appeal of the masses. More like a crutch for the entire movie to lean on.

It basically covers Dakota Johnson as a modern day female, and her empowerment within todays traditional female roles as submissive and looking for a power hungry control freak (Mr.Right in this case) to come along and save her from her dull and boring every day life.

Jamie Dornan's irish accent slipped throughout steadily and he did not have the needed charisma to play the character of Christian Grey. This film was poorly cast and directed in my opinion.

The film didn't do the books any justice. As for a movie about sex goes, it was 50 shades of lame.

-Jake Coyle


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