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With just four months left until [Jurassic World](movie:32752)'s release, more and more secrets about the film are being revealed. Among these secrets is the new hybrid dinosaur that has been teased in the trailers. Up until now, the marketing has managed to tease the film's supposed antagonist's appearance while also keeping it hidden.

Last month, several details about the dinosaur, known as Indominus Rex, were revealed on the film's official website. It is confirmed to be a genetic hybrid of several dinosaurs including Carnotaurus, Majungasaurus, Rugops, and Gigantosaurus. Moreover, it's roar has the volume of a 747 jet engine and it can reach speeds of 30 mph in its enclosure alone.

If all of those details still weren't enough to hold you over, then fear not. In a recently-revealed toy line (set for an official debut at this weekend's New York Toy Fair), it is fully revealed what Indominus Rex will look like.

Ladies and gentlemen, here is the first official look at Indominus Rex:

As if the Tyrannosaurus Rex wasn't already fearsome enough, this dinosaur has horns, a longer head, and thicker skin to boot. It arguably has the potential of being quite an intimidating antagonist, to say the least.

Fear not though, Tyrannosaurus fans, the action figure line includes a T-Rex as well.

Other action figures include battle-damaged dinosaurs like a stegosaurus/triceratops hybrid (hinting that there will be other hybrid dinos in the film),

and a spinosaurus.

The action figure line, as well as the Indominus Rex, has so far elicited a mixed response from moviegoers. Some comments have been positive, with fans saying:

That feeling you're getting, thats a big ol' puddle of nostalgia.


I'm so happy they have that little "JW" imprinted on every figure. That really takes me back to the commercials for the original line of toys.

Still, others have criticized the battle damage and the look of the hybrids. One fan says:

Can I have my dinosaurs without the steaks missing from their still living bodies? Thanks guys... Seriously though, does this whole "Battle Damage" concept seriously appeal to anyone? I'd understand if it were optional (which it seems to be on some of these. Keyword: some.) but not if it were permanently painted on/molded into the toy itself.

Another fan adds:

Stegosaurus/Triceratops hybrid? KILL THE ABOMINATION!!! Is anyone else really disappointed that the next generation of kids who grow up watching this movie will have an incredibly false view of dinosaurs? The first film revolutionized how accurate a fictional depiction of dinosaurs could be, and now this one is blatantly and purposefully ignoring advances made since then (y'know, more than 20 years of science) and making new ones up for the thrills. I actively hate this movie on principal. What's next? Brontosaurus? Iguanodon with a horn? What?

What is your reaction? Are these action figures a win or fail?


How do the dinosaurs look?


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