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Future hero in training may end up being a series of articles written by me. Today's future hero in training award will be awarded at the end of the article-HEY NO SKIPPING AHEAD. You need to know why I'm awarding this character 'Future Hero in Training'. I did toy with calling it 'Future Badass in Training' because it sounds pretty awesome. However, it's also not very title appropriate so here we are. I'll present a few points and then you can decide whether my decision is justified or not.


Now, let's continue if you haven't stopped. It's your own fault if you continue. Just saying.

The big secret revealed
The big secret revealed

At Malcolm's suggestion, Oliver decides to tell his sister Thea that he is the Arrow. This is huge. And since he became the [Arrow](series:720988) and started hiding that from his sister, we've expected that if Thea ever found out, she'd be devastated. That she'd be angry. That she'd hate Oliver for lying to her.

When this was first revealed, I thought that the next scene would be Oliver gasping for breath as he woke up from a wonderful dream. But it wasn't, and I jumped for joy. For a while now, I've been angry at Arrow's writers for not developing Thea's character more. It's all well and good to train her like a ninja, but without other character traits, she'd just be an empty two dimensional shell. This episode showed me that the writers were just planning something huge. This episode showed Thea's character developing in leaps and bounds and it made me so happy. Not only was she not angry, but she actually had the maturity to thank Oliver for what he'd done.

The reaction to Laurel
The reaction to Laurel

When Laurel gets...well, stung by Vertigo and starts seeing her sister (who I still adamantly refuse to believe is dead, by the way), Thea comes down to talk with Oliver at a very bad time. Oliver orders her back upstairs. Roy gets angry at Oliver for ordering Thea around. And it basically devolves into two guys getting angry and arguing while Laurel might be fighting for her life.

To her credit in this scene, Thea is obviously afraid of what she's witnessing. She doesn't know how to react, but she knows she's scared. Despite all of that, she says it is okay, and then she goes upstairs. In other words, she peacekeeps. She asks if Laurel will be okay, and then she peacekeeps to keep the situation from being any more volatile than it is. This is all done while she is terrified of what she's seeing. Keep in mind that Thea has been an addict herself. She knows the symptoms all too well and probably knows what's happened to Laurel. Add to that the fact that she might have an inkling they were after Vertigo because Oliver mentioned the bombing, and you realize Thea knows. Thea is realizing in this scene that she almost took Vertigo herself back when Oliver had just come back from the island. I'm not sure if anyone else has connected this, but there is a definite reason why Thea is terrified here. THAT SHIVERING MESS LAUREL IS ON THE TABLE COULD'VE BEEN HERSELF.

And yet she again shows the maturity to peacekeep, keep a calm head and leave while she is feeling that afraid. To her extreme credit, Willa Holland manages to portray all of this and make my emotions well up. It's pretty awesome to see, no matter how many times I might see it.

Thea's badass ninja moves
Thea's badass ninja moves

I thought the writers were lazy, making Thea learn ninja moves with no real basis in plot to it. I have to admit I was totally wrong. They knocked my socks off. They incorporated it in a plot that shows women, even the little sisters portrayed as innocent, can be really awesome. I knew this already of course with the apperance of Sara and Laurel. However, Thea has been the stereotypical little sister figure to Oliver from the very beginning. Pairing her new maturity with some ninja moves is awesome. What makes this particular scene even more awesome is the fact that it is started by the fact she detects the smell of cyanide in the red wine she is offered by Chase. The fact she is quickly subdued by Chase the assassin is irrelevant. She is able to know all this.

Episode thirteen of season three was full of character development really. From Oliver, to Roy, to Felicity and most definitely to Laurel. However, for my very first 'Future Hero in Training' award, I give it to Thea Queen. She has a lot of potential with these new additions to her character.


Do you agree with me? Does Thea Queen deserve Future Hero in Training?


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