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People die in The Walking Dead. It’s sort of there in the name.

It’s a show right up there with Game of Thrones in the ‘anybody can die’ category, and the writers certainly aren’t too shy to sling a fan-favorite into the waiting arms of the undead horde if it’ll get a bit of a reaction.

That said, while many of the deaths are tear-jerking affairs, there are those that are decidedly not. As with any show, you have characters who spend most of their screen-time making you hope they’d just snuff it and make the world a better place, except The Walking Dead is much more likely to actually grant your wish.

Here are just a few of the deaths during the show’s run that almost make you want to stand up and applaud.

*Major Spoilers Ahead*



"I really should take driving lessons."
"I really should take driving lessons."

You knew this was coming. She’s the woman who crashes her car on a perfectly straight, empty road and cannot for the life on her keep an eye on her single child.

Lori more or less existed to give Rick motivation for continuing, and also to generate pointless drama between Shane and her husband. Actually applauding her death might seem bit tactless, as she practically sacrificed her life for her daughter’s, but there’s no denying that the show was better off without her.

Even after that, Lori kept hanging around in Rick’s mind like an ultra-clingy ghost of Christmas past; so yeah, she dragged people down even after receiving a bullet to the head. If only Lori showed that much gumption in life.


"I'm literally just here because I have an RV."
"I'm literally just here because I have an RV."

Did somebody say ‘pointless drama’?

Season one Dale wasn’t all that bad. He was the grandpa-type who just hung around, told stories about his wife and tried to be the voice of reason. Then the group reached the farm, and Dale became the moral compass. The grating, whiny moral compass.

After all those farm juices soaked into his head, Dale’s preachy monologues were only good for slowing down a show that was already so sedentary it was practically going backwards. His job was to disagree with everything, undermine Rick’s authority and convince the audience that he was some kind of saint stopping the entire group from collapsing into anarchy.

Then he gets turned into a meat-piñata by a zombie with impossible ninja skills, and honestly, things kind of get better from there. Everyone had to make their own decisions about what was right and wrong, and it was far more interesting to watch.


"I see no dead people."
"I see no dead people."

Ah, Lizzie…you murderous little minx. Unlike the above, we were never meant to particularly like Lizzie. Pity, perhaps, but after the full extent of what she’d done was revealed, even that wasn’t enough.

This little terror fed rats to walkers, tried to smother Judith, rejected every ounce of sense from authority figures and threw a tantrum whenever she was saved from having her stupid face bitten off.

Oh, and then she stabbed her sister to death. Which was, y’know, rude.

It became clear that something was very, very wrong with Lizzie’s mental state, adding to the tragedy of the apocalypse that there was no one around who could’ve helped her. Still, after she hinted that Judith would’ve been her next victim, there weren’t any objections from the audience when Carol became the George to Lizzie’s Lennie and put a bullet in her head.


"I died as I lived. Confusing everybody."
"I died as I lived. Confusing everybody."

Dawn, in a phrase, was the absolute worst.

The entire hospital arc was disjointed, strangely written and relied on a lot of telling rather than showing, so it was no surprise that our opinion of Dawn shifted after every scene. One minute she’s smacking Beth for no reason, then they’re having a heart-to-heart chat, then she’s a screeching tyrant…and so on.

She and Beth eventually became super awkward BFFs for some reason, but by that point we were just sick of her. So when Dawn went back on her deal and demanded that Noah return to his life of ironing and domestic abuse, the reaction from the viewers was a collective eye roll.

While the scene itself made zero sense (‘Beth used Teeny-Tiny Scissor Stab! …it’s not very effective…’), we at least got that satisfying shot of Dawn getting her brains blown out, ending the possibility that she would return to terrorize both the group and the audience with her ridiculous split-personalities.


"Secretly, I want to hug every walker to death."
"Secretly, I want to hug every walker to death."

Oh, I went there.

Is Tyreese a fan-favourite? Maybe. His death definitely isn't a joyful moment. He was loyal, and certainly one of the more affable members of the group. But it was definitely time, and long overdue.

I never really got to liking the character of Tyreese, mostly because he was a delicate emotional snowflake wrapped in the illusion of being a gigantic bruiser.

Sure, he could crack zombie heads open if the need arose, but so can literally every other person on the show besides Eugene. He was negligible character until the prison fell, after which his contribution to the plot boiled down to ‘holding Judith’ and ‘looking really conflicted’. Even Tyreese's supposed crowning moment, fighting through the undead horde and beating the tar out of Martin (y’know, attempted-baby-murderer Martin?), was revealed to be moot. The next time we see Martin, he’s very much alive with a couple of bruises. And he’s eating Bob-a-que (sorry).

After half a season of both looking conflicted and talking about being conflicted, Tyreese finally gets bitten because he was distracted, and kicks the bucket.

Maybe, if we were in The Walking Dead, being Tyreese wouldn't be all that bad. And admittedly, he was a better (and quieter) moral compass than Dale. The fact still remains that it was time for him to go.

HONOURABLE MENTION: Eugene, who brushed with death after being Falcon Punched in the face by Abraham. Note that the main reason he received said Falcon Punch was his idiotic taunt…of how smart he was.

How’d that work out for you, Eugene?


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