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Juan Laura Silva

As we rejoice at the return of our lost son, Spider-Man, leaping into the arms of Marvel, we must not overlook the seriousness of a proper reboot. This reboot obviously means that the talents of Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone have been tossed in the can so that Marvel can rebuild what Sony mangled. Yet, the reboot cannot overlook the fact that we have seen Uncle Ben die twice NOT including the flashbacks of said murder. This tragic moment is important to the Spider-Man story and cannot be tossed away. How does one include the important elements of Spider-Man without revisiting the tragedy?

Fans were introduced to the first cinematic interpretation of the Hulk and saw an incredibly drawn out origin story that didn't bring us the "mean green machine" until.... 45 minutes into the film. What did the Hulk do? He unleashed his wrath all over an office building. Take that Xerox machine, GGRRRR!!! Thankfully, the wonderful people at Marvel said, "That's a bad Ang Lee!" and gave a much better Hulk movie. Instead of showcasing the origin story again, they cheated by including the origin of the Gamma Ray heavy accident in the opening credits as a montage. Clever! Bravo. Now, we can jump straight into the story where Banner (Hulk) has been on the run for quite some time. Spider-Man reboot, learn from this.

Thanks to Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield, we have clearly seen the origin story explained to us. The reboot can simply explain the origin of Spider-Man using Newspaper clips (daily bugle of course), family photos, security camera recordings, short scenes. and news footage. Just hit the points: Peter Parker is nerdy; he's bitten by a radioactive super spider; he gains powers; he earns money moonlighting as a wrestler; Uncle Ben is killed by a criminal he let slip by; and Spider-Man becomes a vigilante. Now jump right in to the story where we a veteran vigilante and Daily Bugle photographer.

The only other issue needing tackling is where this reboot fits in the Avengers film. Since he'll show up in "Captain America: Civil War", my advice is to make the reboot set in the past but as a story Spider-Man is telling to the Avengers or Nick Fury. They would be interested in this guy and where he came from. Spider-Man would simply open up about who is and how it came to be - much like "Iron Man 3".
Following this formula would be a great first two steps for a proper Spider-Man film reboot.


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