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Fortune Owens

Epytombs (Pronounced Epi-tomes) is an original story that has been in development for over a year. The goal was to create an original show that feels like a graphic novel. We are currently producing this pilot as a proof of concept in order to find investors. If investors are found then we can bring you an entire season of Epytombs, as well as the Epytombs comics which will have it's own season as well. The comics will focus on some characters that are in the show and some that aren't and they will be a great adventure for those who want to learn more about the world of Epytombs. We will have more videos coming to the channel soon regarding more information about the show, the comics, and even a look at Epytombs behind the scenes. We will also be releasing other short films throughout the year for all of you to see. If you want to help us on our journey to become a successful independent production company that continues to create original content for all of you, please subscribe to our channel and SPREAD THE WORD!

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Three years after a rash of horrific murders, the remaining survivor, Sophia, becomes the target of a deadly game; a game that is frighteningly familiar. As she and a group of strangers are drawn into the plot they soon realize that whatever is at its center may not be human. The world has changed in recent months, falling prey to something new. As they dig deeper into the root cause of this chaos they are still being hunted by something they can't explain, who feels like someone that should no longer exists.


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