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Luke Amrine

Luke Skywalker, my childhood hero, and Leia Solo, his Sister, were the only two possible ones left in the galaxy that could know the power of the force in order to train future candidates in the ways of the force. So, anyway, there's been a lot of talk about Luke turning to the dark side. As you can see, after all that he goes thru in the Star Wars original trilogy, (especially when he has to duel his own Father twice at his young age), he still resists the temptation to turn to the dark side, who's to say that (if he does) turn to the dark side, will not be easily turned back to the good side, by say, none other than his twin sister! Yes, I was reading a Star Wars novel far off into the future after Episode VI Return of the Jedi, where he was led into a cave, and found a power that led him down a dark path. I believe it was a Timothy Zahn book. Anyways, Luke had temporarily turned to the dark side in order to vanquish an ancient evil, and was not able to turn himself back to the good side. So in order to be turned back to the good side, (which I believe is hard to do when you are on the bad side) he had to have some very influential persuasion, and none other than who? His twin Sister! So now, coming into my opinion of how the story should go.....

So Leia finds him in a cave, and tells him the the dark side will destroy him and the entire galaxy, and tells him to come back to the light. He is not easily swayed, tho. Instead, he ignites his green lightsaber, now being filled with dark energy from his dark side force power, and him and his Sister face off for a couple of clashes of blue VS green blade action! After the first saber lock, Leia breaks down, looks into his eyes, and tells him that she loves him. Then as soon as he hears that, he comes to his senses, turns off his blade not long after she turns off hers, and then they hug and go on to face another day with Luke back to being the good man that he's supposed to be.


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