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Jerome Maida

With every dollar Scarlett Johansson's "Lucy" raked in both domestically and worldwide last summer, Jimmy Palmiotti's smile got a bit wider.

A modestly budgeted action film is tough enough to pull off in Hollywood - and one with a female lead increases the difficulty greatly.

So, as "Lucy" kicked butt both onscreen and off screen, the chances of the live-action feature film starring "Painkiller Jane" - who Palmiotti co-created with Joe Quesada - getting a decent production budget and marketing budget and getting a theatrical release had fewer obstacles.

In other words, the success of "Lucy" indirectly gave the "Painkiller Jane" project a jolt of adrenalin.

"'Lucy' was a blast..and has shown Hollywood a well done female action movie can be made and do well", says Palmiotti. "If I was any studio out there, just knowing 'Jane' was out there, just knowing 'Jane' exists with the Soska sisters attached (Jen and Sylvia Soska are directing the film), I would jump on this right away."

"This is the chance for a studio to bring a star of a franchise that doesn't have to depend on other people's characters", he continues. "('Painkiller Jane' is) a real chance to also introduce their own universe as well."

"I have never been a one idea person and without mentioning anything yet, you will see I have another character at another studio about to be announced in this genre", Palmiotti adds. "Warner (Brothers) has DC Universe, Disney has Marvel. (It's) time for another studio to create another new universe that can kick some ass, driven by someone that actually created the characters."

"It is why I will always support films like 'Kick Ass' and 'Sin City"", Palmiotti concludes. "Whether a hit or not, it's a step in a direction that will give everyone some brilliant new ideas."

"Painkiller Jane" is set to hit theaters in late 2015.


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