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Film 132 in the "1001 Films to See Before You Die" challenge is 1945's "Detour". This film-noir crime drama is 67 minutes long and is based on the 1939 novel "Detour: An Extraordinary Tale" by Martin Goldsmith. I actually liked this. I wasn't too sure what to expect when I looked up the film on IMDb & Wikipedia but after watching this I wouldn't mind giving it another watch if I had to. The one thing that did bug me was the ending. Within the last 10 seconds of the film, Al is arrested and taken away. To me, the ending felt a little rushed. The reason for the ending to happen the way it did was because "The Hollywood Production Code did not allow murderers to get away with their crimes, so Ulmer got through the censors by having Al picked up by a police car at the very end of the movie, after foreseeing his arrest in the earlier narration." That quote was taken from Wikipedia. Even Roger Ebert says the film holds up in many ways. Also, this film officially turns 70 on November 30. Just thought I'd throw that in there. If you have seen this film, or the 1992 remake staring Tom Neal Jr., Tom Neal's son, and directed by Wade Williams and has a 5/10 rating on IMDb, then let me know what you thought of them in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1945's "Detour"

Film - Detour

Year - 1945

Director - Egdar G. Ulmer

Written by - Martin Goldsmith

Staring - Tom Neal, Ann Savage, Claudia Drake

IMDb Rating - 7.5/10

My Rating - 7.5/10

Length - 67 min (1h 7min)

Genre - Crime, Drama, Film-Noir

Traveling down a lost highway as the opening credits roll

Good God I can't see a thing

Welcome to Reno

So... This guys moving East... and with no explanation as to why

Jazz music makes me crazy!!!

Wait... That song that's playing has been haunting him on his travels

That guy is playing the drums and no noise is being made by them

The loudest thing here is the clarinet

How are those sat at the other end of this restraunt meant to hear her sing without a microphone?

I love my piano more than Sue

It's pretty clear that he's not even pressing down on the keys

These two are getting married next week?!?

It's taken me a little over 9 minutes to finally know the main actor's name - It's Al

Back at the "Break O' Dawn" club


Thanks for playing my request. Here's $10

Welcome to the life of a phone operator

Better phone Sue to see how things are with her

I would love to see him travel to Hollywood from New York on a pogo stick

Instead Al hitch hikes his way across America

How did he get from Philadelphia to Oklahoma to the middle of the Arizona desert?

Why did I chose to hitch hike with the one guy who doesn't like talking?

I wonder how he got those scars on his hand!

The driver says he got them from a fight with his wife

Here's a bigger scar I got having a friendly sword fight with my dad

Let's chat about betting while having food

You drive! I need to sleep

Meanwhile Sue has landed a job as a jazz singer at a Hollywood club

How can it be raining in the middle of the desert?

Damn convertables and their stupid roofs

So... The driver died in his sleep... Or by hitting his head on a tiny rock after Al opened the car door

Better hide the body and steal his wallet... and clothes


He gives Al a warning about parking in the middle of the road

Better throw my suitcase away so no one can find out who I am

So... You're not allowed to cross state lines while carrying any form of food

I know this isn't my ID but I'm using it anyway

Must... Sleep!

I'm having a nightmare about The Driver's death

Is Al wearing a one piece set of PJs

I stole $768 from that guy! And he had a letter from his dad he kept for years

I better be nice and give this woman a lift

I wonder if I can have a secret relationship with this stranger?

So... this woman knows all about the guy Al accidently killed

And I'm guessing she's his ex-wife

This woman is a little scary

She tells Al to sell the car rather than leave it in a abandoned car park

We're in Hollywood

And this woman is now "Al's wife"

What apartment has a swinging section of wall with a bed attached to it

Drink this and I'll believe you that you didn't kill him

You can tell this is a film from the 40s as all the men wear their pants halfway up their chest

Who's Camille?

While "my wife" is asleep I'd better call Sue just to hear her voice

Better do whatever she asks me to do

At a used car dealer

I'll give you $1850 for the car

Where's your insurance?

We've changed our mind about selling the car! I'll explain everything over lunch

It appears that The Driver's dad has put an ad in the newspaper looking for his son

She plans to wait until The Driver's dad died to claim the $15 million he's worth

Lets discuss this over a game of cards

I can't tell if shes trying to flirt with Al or just playing him for a fool

Let's make a reference to Julius Caesar... just because

Al's daring her to call the police to see if he's telling the truth

Al remembers that The Driver had a scar on his hand and arm

All good plans come together when your drunk

It was a trap! She's stolen the phone and locked herself in her bedroom

She didn't call the police! She hung herself with the telephone cord

"Murderer! What an awful word that is"

Al realises that he's can't get away with murder

He's also still haunted by a jazz musician playing music in his head

Al finds out that The Driver's body has been discovered while Al was in Bakersfield

A highway patrol officer pulls up and arrests Al



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