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The 12 monkeys TV show changed Cole in the movies and his friend, his friends name is Ramse instead of Jose.

This is Ranse and Cole In Syfy's 12 monkeys.
This is Ranse and Cole In Syfy's 12 monkeys.

In the movie 12 monkeys the woman who helps Cole is named Kathryn Railly but in the show her name is Cassandra Railly. I think that Casey (Cassandra) is more involved in the TV show than Kathryn was in the movies.

This is Cassandra in the show.
This is Cassandra in the show.
And this is Kathryn from the movie.
And this is Kathryn from the movie.

There has been 5 episodes of 12 monkeys so far:

. Splinter

. Mentally Divergent

. Cassandra Complex

. Atari

. The night room

( I'll tell you about all of them)

In the first episode (Splinter) that is where Cole first goes back in time to find Cassandra to stop the virus from every getting out and destroying the world.

In the second episode (Mentally Divergent) Cole has to go see Jennifer Goines (in the movie it's Jeffrey) at a insane asylum (you could say).

In the third episode (Cassandra Complex) Cole goes back in time to talk to a man who had a big role in Cassandra's life.

In the forth episode (Atari) it is more about Cole and Ramse and everyone in 2043, the group that Cole and Ramse where in before Cole started going back in time starts to attack, (called west seven).

In the fifth episode (The night room) is where Cassandra, Cole , and Jennifer find the virus of Leland Goines (Jennifer's father). but the 12 monkeys are already there, (when Cole destroys the virus him and everyone in 2043 will never have been born or live in the world they do now they will just be gone) But when Cole does destroy it he is still there, Cassandra gets taken and before he can save her he splinter's (goes back to 2043) and no one is there and for some reason the sign of west seven is on the wall (i think it's in blood).

That is all I have for now I will find some more info and write about it, and when the next 12 monkeys comes on I will write about that to, I hope you enjoyed if you did please follow me I have Quiz's and other Review's.


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