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The Big Bang Theory's Melissa Rauch, in her new film, has cause quite a bit of talk.

The Bronze, a comedy written by Rauch and her husband, Winton, recently debuted at the Sundance Film Festival.

She plays Hope Annabelle Gregory, a former gymnast whose claim to fame was winning an Olympic Bronze Medal. A decade later, she lives in her father’s basement in her small hometown.

All but forgotten and bitter, her situation worsens when an upstart gymnast threatens to steal any remaining celebrity when Hope serves as the young lady’s mentor. It is the last thing she wants but the hope of a half-million dollar payday from her own former mentor is too good to pass up.

She is one nasty, nasty piece of work.

What really had people talking was how Rauch (as Hope and with the help of a stunt double) engages in a "grudge hook up” with a former love. Here is a sampling from the reviewers who've screened the film"

The London Daily Mail “Online Reporter” claimed the “highly choreographed” sex scene dominated the film’s Q&A session and “it alone” makes The Bronze a “must-see.”

Brent Lang of Variety said the scene is “so shocking that it’s threatened to overshadow the film itself.”

Germain Lussier of says the scene “the most flat out hilarious, disturbing and crazy sex in recent memory.”

Many of the critics who reviewed the film are calling Rauch’s wicked, foul-mouthed performance in The Bronze “break out.” Some are predicting that it will lead to much more film work.

It's not all hype and praise. The dark, raunchy nature of The Bronze didn’t please all the critics. For as many who have hailed it, there seems to be as many who disliked it.In other terms, the film was an early success of the festival in quickly picking up a distributor.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Relativity Media landed the US film rights for a reported three million dollars and will partner with Stage 6 Films on releasing the movie. Sony Pictures has the international film rights.

Final details on the film's major big screen release are pending.


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