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Today in the morning I was serching for some funny moments of the show but suddenly I found a theory that seems to be curious to me, for start this theory we have to back on the episode when Homer find God, remember that episode? Well, It was released in October 1992, the episode 'Homer the Heretic was first aired. It saw Homer deciding to boycott attending church, but the episode finished with a key scene that saw him talking to God.

Lines at the end of the episode are these:

Homer: God, I gotta ask you something. What’s the meaning of life?

God: Homer, I can’t tell you that.

Homer: C’mon!

God: You’ll find out when you die.

Homer: I can’t wait that long!

God: You can’t wait six months?

Homer: No, tell me now!

God: Well, OK. The meaning of life is…

As we can see God say: "You can’t wait six months?". Well six months later, in April, 6 months later, on an episode, Bart makes a joke where the beer of Homer explodes and he goes to the hospital.

He seems to be fine but suddenly a vending machine falls on him and places him into a coma. He eventually wakes up by the end of the episode but the theorist believes this is too sudden a recovery and thinks something else is going on.

This is why the characters don’t age. Homer remembers Bart, Lisa, and Maggie as 10, 8, and 1 year old, so they will always appear that way in his dreams. He is subconsciously aware of time passing, so his mind will often “update” his memories so that the year they occurred matches up with the age he thinks he is (eg. That 90’s Show contradicting other flashback episodes).

As evidence, he states after that episode, the tone of the show changes. Storylines become a lot more surreal such as: Homer goes to space, Maggie shoots Mr. Burns and Homer works for Scorpio, which sees him ending up owning the Denver Broncos. This is also apparently the reason for all the celebrity cameos.

So what do you think?


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