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This review is kind of late as it came out in theaters November 21 but I wanted to wait until closer to the DVD release for the sake of being helpful. so to get to the point I gave it a ten because it deserved one. It simply did. The acting was phenomenal and if you read the books it was a perfect on that line. any added scenes were written by Suzanne Collins (the author of the books) herself. Also we have the point of action and keeping you interested. it wasn't the most action packed film even though it definitely had its moments. It was not boring in my opinion but I did read the books so I may have sub-consciously overlooked some moments that may not appeal to the people who have not.

As far as being appropriate I would say that I can not remember anything bad or out of the pg-13 ratio. I think it is rated appropriately.

I really think i have hit all the major points here and so my short, late , review will come to a pitiful end here. I hope that i have helped whoever reads this as much as they hoped.

But one more thing. PEETA!!!!! omg I cant wait for the next one.


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