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The '80s was another great decade for horror. Especially Slasher films. I've always wished I could have been around in the 1980s and gone to see some of these films in theaters. I'll have to settle with VHS for now.

Here's my Top 5 Horror Films of the '80s:

5. Pieces (1982)

I have to admit, this film is REALLY cheesy! But it is so bad that it's actually pretty good. It's so bad that it is funny. This one is almost a horror/comedy it's so bad. It still however, is really fun. The acting always gets a good laugh. It's also got great gore that just fills my heart with joy. If you are a fan of cheesy horror this is a must-see.

4. Psycho II (1983)

This one is my second favorite in the Psycho series. This one is a lot less popular than it deserves to be. It stars my favorite actor, Anthony Perkins, as the lovable Norman Bates. He does an amazing job. Norman Bates is probably my favorite fictional character of all time. It also stars Meg Tilly. I'm not very familiar with her but thought she did a great job in this. This is one of the best horror sequels I've seen.

3. Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984)

If you read my Friday the 13th post, you know that this is my favorite of all the Friday the 13th films. It's also one of my favorite films of the '80s in general. This one has GREAT gore thanks to the amazing Tom Savini. The kill scenes in this film are amazing. They are some of the best in the entire Friday the 13th series. This is also one of the most well directed of the series. Also has the best cast... it's got the best of everything, pretty much.

2. Opera (1987)

This list had to include a film by my favorite director Dario Argento. Renato Agostini was the Special Effects designer for this and the gore looks amazing in this film. Stefano's death is the absolute best. Plus the whole idea of being forced to watch these terrible things because you have needles preventing you from closing your eyes is disturbingly awesome. This is one of the best Argento films I've seen and is worth checking out if you haven't seen it.

1. A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984)

This was my favorite horror film growing up and is still my favorite horror franchise. Freddy Krueger is the coolest of all the Slasher killers, in my opinion. Mainly because he talked back and forth a ton and had lots of personality. Sure the silent killer is awesome but it's more fun when the killer can crack a cheesy joke every now and then, which Freddy is famous for doing. This film has an excellent story, awesome deaths, plenty of blood, and everything that is awesome about horror let alone '80s horror.

Well that was another short list. Let me know what you think below!


Which is your favorite '80s horror film?


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