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Suicidal squad we have a mission to save the Will Smith AKA career deathshot, hello people my name is Alysson'm from Brazil and this is my first post as big fan of Moviepilotsuper heroes who I am, and as anybody can tell by the title up today I come to speak of a big star in which I really like and where it will one of the characters that I like most Deathshot.

Since I understand why people I saw Will Smith on TV or in the series of Sbt network (in a crazy piece, here in Brazil) the fresh prince of balair, in movies programs as the afternoon session or hot screen, known for many films like Bad Boys, Seven Pounds, MIB, Hancock and many others, Will recently gave an interview in a program in which he said that had their great repentance making the film after the land, even in the interview Will says James West only was not was your worst repentance why at the time he did not drag his son, and that from now on he only embark on productions that are successful at the box office, Will calm we understand and that's why today I dedicate you an article telling you why you will be a good Deathshot


.It Will Smith right guys, no matter if he does comedy, drama or action Wil is Will, managing to capture and the essence of a character Wll can pass well the idea of a character, especially as one that has the embodiment of Floyd Lawton


Will already has a certain load on being a heavyweight player, in terms of making Deathshot, with so many actions films, it was impossible not call Will Smith for the production, after all if you want something funny skirt or skirt blown by all the Aries just leave Will be Will.

third Party

Will is versatile, for those who know the history of Deathshot know he is a kind of anti-hero, the villain of more side that is an hireling to care for a niece until he turns the leader of suicidal squad, and who better to do so is not Will.


Will is no match for the interesting loving trio that had formed between him, Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), and the Joker (Jared Leto), after the clash is not only Harley Quinn after all besides being great actors they are both great singers.


many actors are lining up to live the role of any comic book character, and we've seen Will play the role of a vigilante Hancock, how about we see him in the role of Deathshot?

Will not worry your Deathshot go down in history and will be successful bilheter, after all we all masters the Deathshot and more suicidal squad, good staff I hope you enjoyed my first post I am a big fan of the site I hope to write more vezes e overall this is no longer your comments if liked and I will write more until more!


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