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I made a post on the newly revealed Ant-Man Lego sets earlier today, and something went right above my head. Thankfully, though, it didn't go above the head of Moviepilot user Stefan Basaric. Anyways, here's what he noticed:

A standard photo right? Hank Pym on an insect. Considering the movie's name is Ant-Man, it makes sense. But here's what I failed to notice: the box underneath.

On the right there, we see Spidey. No surprise there, Marvel makes Spider-Man's Lego sets. I mean, it's not like Sony can. But there are three minifigures to the left, and although it's too blurry to tell, the middle one is most definitely . . .

Iron Spider!

It's obvious. The red body tinged with gold, the Doc Ock-like thingies coming from the back, it has to be him. It's true, Spider-Man will be in Civil War (recently confirmed), so it's no surprise we're seeing him here, but Civil War doesn't come until next year. 15 months and 12 days from now. I have no idea why or how we're seeing this already, but it's crazy. As for the other two minifigures, here's what I think.

Sand Man

Update: I found better quality photos, courtesy of Turns out, I was right! It's Iron Spider, Sandman, and Rhino (the minifig is Rhino without the suit; the suit is brick-built)

Sandman, wearing his signature green shirt with his body in sand, is the only logical choice.

A Pre-Powered Villain...?

Something interesting to note, however, is that Iron Spider and Spider-Man are in the same set. In the same scenario. Does this mean that Iron Spider and Spider-Man are going to be two different people? Or is that someone else? We may not know for a while. This set is called "Sandman Ambush."

Miles Morales vs. Carnage

Yup. Miles Morales, the ultimate universe Spider-Man, is going head to head with Carnage. I highly doubt we'll see this on the big screen anytime soon, but wow, Lego. You have us on the edge of our seats because of plastic.


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