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Hello everyone this is the part 2 and final of the "A Few Predictions The Simpsons Got Right" and if you haven't seen the post from last week you can check it out here: ",manual" so moving on here it is

1. The World Trade Center Terrorist Attack

I know this one is gonna be really controversial but they actually did predict that. On the 1st episode of the 9th season on "City Of New York vs Homer Simpson" in the magazine that you can see the price is 9 dollars and the world trade center is looking and resembling a lot like the number eleven which mean 9/11 that infamous day in history and it was predicted by the Simpsons all back in 1997


2. The Ebola Virus Pandemia

All right this one is creepy. In 1997 on the episode "Lisa's Sax" Bart didn't wanted to get out of bed and his mom to cheer him up went up to tell him a story, guess what ? About a kid with the ebola virus and as you can see in the picture thats a freaking monkey just the animal that the scientists suspected the virus came from

Lol no spoilers here

And later you can see a drawing that bart made which is way creepy that represent the ebola pandemia attack

3. Syria Civil War

In 2001. Bart founds a band called "Party Posy" which they make a video clip called "Drop Da Bomb" to make people join the army or "YVAN EHT NIOJ" (see it backwards) and when they start bombing some rebels camp the flag in the jeep in same as the one that the rebels used to oppose the dictator in Syria and the country actually got offended by that, they thought that they meant by that the war was a fraud

4. Siegfried And Roy

In the 10th episode of the 5th season in 1993 the 2 magician famous for in their magic tricks and show they use felines, but not cats freaking TIGERS and guess what ? Yep one of them got jumped by the tiger and got bit lost a lot of blood and skin tissue and they had to end their career and they stopped their show from going on and poor Roy suffered permanent damage on his arm

6. Wrecking Ball

Now this one is just an speculation but Homer in the 2007's film was already dancing to the wrecking ball song LOL

If you guys have any more suggestion leave it in the comment section below


Were all this events ripped off of the Simpsons or not?


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