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GamerGate - Feminism Movement! (2015)

GamerGate - Feminism Movement!
GamerGate - Feminism Movement!


Over the last few months, there's no question, Feminism in gaming has gone up substantively. The movement has become known internationally, being reported on anywhere from websites to even the news. The GamerGate community have been getting hate from the people who believe there is a massive amount of misogyny in the gaming world. Some of the most known Feminists in the movement is Anita Sarkeesian and Brianna Wu. They have both appeared on many news outlets, claiming there is a serious problem in the gaming industry regarding women not being respected in video games in general. Anita Sarkeesian, being the most vocally driven for the cause has stated she has been given many death threat over the last few years being a women rights activist from social media platforms. GamerGate has responded to the critics via their website: GamerGate. ABC news, one of the many news outlets tried reaching out to some of the bigger gaming companies like RockstarGames and Ubisoft, but they never responded back to them. The main goal of this movement is for gaming in general to be more acceptable women. They also believe the depiction of violence against women in gaming is unbelievably huge. Example, Grand Theft Auto V, and the hookers that currently preside inside the game. They move towards the opposition that females are merely sexual objects, but in tern the opposition believe in games males can also be hookers inside the game, and at the same rate people can be used as objects also. Feminism has taken off in the last few years, but the people who fight for it, don't realize the massive standing of true female gamer's (who actually game) are standing up to these people who use the means of plain sight objectification to bring some of the greatest games made and the future ones to be developed into a different direction that doesn't need to be. For this, they have gotten hate for the last few years, from many big companies would still will not respond to any accusations of this. Personally I haven't seen one major gamer that is either male or female say this is truly how gaming is, because it isn't. There are many trolls in the gaming community, for this I conclude that the death threats came from people who do not believe in GamerGate but do it for the laughter. I believe it's wrong and it shouldn't be happening, but it's clear that they aren't true GamerGate supporters if they are doing this. Major YouTube female gaming activists have came out stating that the Anti-GamerGate movement is completely non-sense, and does not support the actual cause for it. GamerGate supports the corruption in Gaming Journalism, meaning large companies would pay off Journalists to write off good (fake) reviews on the games that they have published.

Here's the video of ABC NEWS and GamerGate:

IMO: I believe the people who are truly dedicated to games believe that the accusations revolving around GamerGate are wrong, and the true reason for it is Ethics in Gaming Journalism, and the corrupt being paid to write false reviews. The people from the outside who merely look at it how it is from the perspective of the many followers of the Anti-GamerGate movement. Haven't seen it the way some of the people who have been gaming ever since they were children, which do include both Male and Female. Some females who are already in the gaming community who are actively in the feminist movement get that there are problems in the world facing female gamer's, but they also believe that Anti-GamerGate have no reason to hate on GamerGate, because they do know it wasn't originally intended to be against women. It was made to deflect the corruption in Gaming Journalism, Let's say for example that Anita Sarkeesian never came into this months ago when it started, nothing would be happening, mainly because gaming revolves everyone. The way people act online and in-gaming has always happened. Females have given threats to other Females, Females have always threatened Males, Males have given threats to Females, and Males have always given threats to other Males, whether it be anything that's currently happening, either there sexuality, the way they play the game, or the status they're at currently in the game. For over the last 5 years there have always been both Male and Female trolls (People who instigate fights with other people through means of verbal or physical actions through the internet, In the idea to get them angry or agitated, annoyed.) I feel this is what had happened, true GamerGate believers will always believe that women should always be allowed in gaming culture, and that they are 100% welcome with open arms, in-fact they encourage it, not for sexual means but for the fact that bringing new people into a community with new opinions can bring the community together, and bring strength against the people that believe games aren't useful to us as a generation. I believe the people who have given threats to these women aren't really apart of the GamerGate movement, and are merely trolls to instigate anger and fear for means of laughter. Sure there might be some serious cases but they feel that these women that are doing purely off non-factual reasons are trying to have Gender Displacement in games, and that both Men and Women should have totally different controls. Which some view is in fact misogyny at it's core against every gender because everyone has opposable thumbs (The Ability to pick things up, type on a keyboard, and use a controller and other things.) So all of this, I believe in-fact that the Anti-GamerGate movement does not really support what's really at issue, and that's the corruption in Gaming Journalism. I'am a strong believer in women being able to play games as much as they want, and to be treated as equals, except the different is if you think about it the way that males play with males, everything that has happened would happen to everyone, cause equally, trolls will be trolls, sexual inferences will be as it is now, the same way it has been. I certainly believe that Anita Sarkeesian is just an outsider as I stated, she admitted on video as she was teaching at a college she hadn't gotten into gaming, and that she doesn't like violence. So the true fact that she said that tells me either she saw for what it was and didn't take the time to understand it or she's doing this for a means of earning money. Because gaming has been the same way for a long time, there is no mysoginy in the gaming community. The only mysoginy is the mysoginy that people have created and have imagined. If you look at some of the game developers at these companies, you'll see most of them are women. They love gaming and the way it has gone so far, and they believe everything is equally open to each other in the gaming world. I don't support death threats in anyway at all! And I believe that most of these threats are not from real GamerGate followers.

Here's a few videos of Girl Gamer's who are against the Anti-GamerGate movement!

Many Female Gamer's have stepped in and fought against these Feminists accusations because they honestly believe that the most prominent and vocal ones are really going overboard with the movement, and that it shouldn't be any issue at all. It's coming from people who have been playing games almost their whole life.

GamerGate - Feminism Movement!
GamerGate - Feminism Movement!

In conclusion with many others who believe that GamerGate shouldn't be faced with the hatred that it's gotten from many Feminist's and Anti-GamerGate Activists, I have to agree that I'am indeed GamerGate, because I believe everyone should be accepted into a culture no matter their gender or ethnicity or the way that they live there life, and that the issue was simply misconstrued towards the real subject.

GamerGate - Feminism Movement!
GamerGate - Feminism Movement!

So this is how I feel, for the longest time I've wanted to make a post about this and here it is! Comment & Share Below! I would like to hear your thoughts and your opinions on this situation!


So are you GamerGate or Anti-GamerGate?


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