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Before I start, I'd like to say the following: The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily those of everyone else.

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Welcome, welcome, welcome to the third and possibly final round of Name That Celebrity! No...wait...Underrated Actors. Sorry about that. Why don't we just get right down to it?

10. Michael Weston – Six Feet Under

I think he's holding crack...
I think he's holding crack...

If you’re like me and probably ¾ of the population, you remember faces better than names. I’m excluding you superheroes-in-the-making with photographic memory. Michael Weston has one of those faces where you see him in something and your brain constantly does flips and jumps hoops trying to remember where you saw him. Maybe it was ER. Maybe Supernatural. Maybe House. He seems to have a lot of TV credits out of the 53 to his name, but nevertheless, he makes for some fun watching.

9. Wendie Malik – Just Shoot Me!

I may not be good at remembering names, but voices I can do. And Wendie Malik has one that is quite noticeable. Not only that, but she has a classic beauty. And she’s “5’10” like Cindy Crawford.” Alicia Silverstone would be so jealous. With 130 credit under her belt, you’ve probably seen (but not remembered) Malik in Scrooged as Wendie Cross, Just Shoot Me! as Nina Van Horn or even The Emperor’s New Groove in which she voiced Pacha’s wife.

8. Lili Taylor – The Haunting

I haunt, therefore I am.
I haunt, therefore I am.

Ok, I know. Lili Taylor isn’t exactly an unknown actress. But it wasn’t until recently that I remembered her name when I saw it. She’s always been that hippy vegan woman in every movie or TV series she’s in. While she’s brilliantly odd in The Haunting, High Fidelity and Six Feet Under, she really showed her chops in The Conjuring.

7. Luci Christian – Full Metal Panic!

Yes, there will be more voice actors on this list. And there will be a multitude of Japanese Anime lovers out there that will argue with me on why the American dubs are just plain bad, but I’d humbly disagree. I first heard Luci Christian’s voice as Kaname Chidori in Full Metal Panic! and I really appreciated her style and the way she breathed life into the character. She mostly sticks to Anime voice overs, but she has appeared in an episode of Little House on the Prairie and Walker, Texas Ranger.

6. Jeremy Sisto – Clueless

He's on the right. I think...
He's on the right. I think...

You’d think someone who played a spoiled teenager in a superficial (albeit entertaining) 90’s flick would mean they’d pretty much be stuck in comedies forever. But Sisto is an incredible actor who doesn’t get enough credit. As my husband puts it, he’s the James Franco of underrated actors. Except he can act. Ha!

Apply cold water to THAT burn.
Apply cold water to THAT burn.

Sisto’s credits don’t look all that impressive at first glance with Numb3rs and Dead & Breakfast hanging around, but when he played a bi-polar, incestuous oddball (I’m putting that nicely) in Six Feet Under, he really got a chance to show off. And it worked. Well.

5. H. Jon Benjamin – Bob’s Burgers

You won’t recognize his face, you won’t recognize his name, but by God you will remember his voice. Known for delivering humorous and deadpan lines, Benjamin is as witty as they come. I adore his realistic reactions to his very simple wife in Bob’s Burgers and his portrayal of drunken Coach McGurk in Home Movies. But if you want to see the face that doesn’t quite fit the voice, take a look at the episode “Rebirth” in season 2 of Rescue Me or 22 Jump Street where he fleetingly plays the college football coach. Alternatively, you can try and find Jon Benjamin Has a Van and laugh your butt off at the awkward conversations that only reality TV can give you.

4. Christopher Titus – Titus

Most people know Titus as the comedian. I’ve seen one of his shows and met him personally. The man is not only hilarious and talented, he’s also insanely tall.

I'm only 5'4'' and he's hunched over!
I'm only 5'4'' and he's hunched over!

I encourage you to see one of his shows if he comes to your area. But not many know Christopher Titus the actor. While he wrote and starred in his own TV show about his life with a dysfunctional father and dimwitted younger brother, he also has a few guest stars in some television shows. But if you really want to see something funny, watch Killer Clowns from Outer Space. Just do it.

3. Ian James Corlett – DragonBall Z

“Another voice actor?” you ask angrily whilst reading this on your smart phone on the toilet. I don’t actually know why I pictured you on the toilet. I don’t even know who you are, so this isn’t sexual harassment if anyone’s asking.

Anyway, yes, another voice actor. Corlett is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine, because when I was growing up, my brother got me into DragonBall Z and that’s the point in my life where I started drawing and writing. The show contributed a lot to those things, and Corlett is my favorite because he voiced the original Goku before the studio re-dubbed all the old episodes with Sean Schemmel’s voice.


However, Corlett also lent his talents to the Mega Man TV series and Beast Wars (another personal favorite) as Cheetor. If you want to see him as he is, check out BronyCon 2014. Thank me later.

In a somewhat related note, Schemmel is actually pretty damn funny.

2. Eric Stuart – Pokémon

Here’s a whopper. Stuart not only lends his voice to Brock and James in the first generation Pokémon episodes/movies and the infamous Seto Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh!, but this man also has his own band. Yes. The Eric Stuart Band. So, if you like indie rock, go buy his albums. Aside from his regular anime convention appearances and music gigs where you can typically see or meet him in person, check out Adventures in Voice Acting. Stuart is passionate about all his work and it definitely shines through.

1. Bruce Greenwood – Nowhere Man

Ladies, contain your orgasms.
Ladies, contain your orgasms.

Most people have discovered Bruce Greenwood recently due to his portrayal of Captain Pike in the new Star Trek films, but he’s actually an amazing actor with depth and talent so incredible, he can make any viewer feel what he’s acting out. You may have seen him in Thirteen Days as John F. Kennedy or the evil mastermind in I, Robot. But if you really want to check out what he’s capable of, watch Nowhere Man. Go ahead, I’ll be waiting for you to go fan-girl/boy on me when you get back.


Who is your favorite on the list?


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