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If you're still breathing after reading that headline, you have a lot more self control when it comes to these shows than I do. Constantine may have had an awesome season finale, but three more DC shows are still going strong while we learn more about Titans, Krypton and Supergirl every day, no less, and other DC series. If you're a TV network, it seems everyone is scrambling for a DC show right about now.

Surely by now you've heard the news about The Joker's apparent debut on Gotham this week. And, of course, last year, even if you didn't watch Arrow, Deathstroke's black and orange mask was everywhere. Firestorm caused quite the buzz last week, and Gorilla Grodd trended on Facebook and Twitter today. In short, if you like villains - and one popular fiery superhero - then this sure is the week for you.

I'll take a moment to write something, not that they're likely to ever read it, to NBC, who air Constantine, quite simply: DC TV continues to grow more and more popular as channels grasp onto superhero shows, particularly the DC ones, given their current dominance and the enormous popularity they're going to reap in under two years when the DC Cinematic Universe really gets started on all platforms. To cancel the fan adored, true to the comics, and well-made show that is Constantine would be a stupid decision, and as such I hope it gets the Season 2 it deserves. It too trended on Twitter today for more than three hours, a testament to its popularity.

Now, to business!


This is arguably the one which has generated the most amount of hype, and indeed, controversy. Tomorrow I aim to have an article up which will outline to you why you shouldn't panic about this boy being on the show, even if you're a comic purist. He may not even be the Joker - just a tease. In short, showrunner Bruno Heller promises, "The Joker lies in Batman's future - not Gordon's." Besides the big news, other comic fans might be very pleased to hear a certain circus containing The Flying Graysons is coming to the show - not Dick Grayson, though, who isn't even born yet - but his parents! Check out the promos!

This promo focused on the tease of a potential Joker. Even if you don't like the concept of him being in Gotham, you can't deny that's a top quality Joker laugh right there. An incredible one, actually.

And here's the second one, with more footage from other characters - including older episodes, I believe - but also some more of that daunting laugh...

The Flash

Last week's Flash ended with quite the explosive cliffhanger. In fact, it may be the only time a comic adaption threatened to set off a nuclear device and, you know, actually did it. And that's not even mentioning the time-travel reveal. Here's that whole emotionally charged, movie quality last scene:

And, just because it's awesome, here's the equally amazing, movie-level CGI scene of The Flash fighting Firestorm. Whoever these VFX guys are, I hope they're being paid bucket-loads, because they've done an incredible job:

Now back to the trailer for "Fallout". It doesn't focus heavily on Firestorm, even though he'll be in the episode in a big way still, hunted by General Eiling - remember him from "Plastique?" - played brilliantly by Clancy Brown:

Now, this time-travel arc is surely going to be amazing - the "Flashpoint" similarities are incredible, which is already a great thing - and Carlos Valdez (Cisco) promises we'll be treated to even more twists and turns in the future.

Apart from that, though, is the fact that with General Eiling in this episode, and his past with Harrison Wells, we're gonna have some pretty awesome teases at him, I imagine. We got this trailer from the CW a couple of days ago and it's hyper-exciting! If you need to get up to speed with Grodd, I advise you to check out Rose Moore's article on him, or a somewhat outdated one from me. Whether Grodd comes this season or if he's a menace being reserved for Season 2 is yet to be revealed, but it's gonna be great either way:


It was ages ago that I posted an article revealing Deathstroke was coming back in "The Return" and we all lost our minds, but having the trailer is an entirely different level of excitement! I have a feeling next week's episode will be fairly flashback centric too, having Ollie in Starling City again, and will also feature the return of Colin Donnell as Tommy Merlyn (in flashbacks). If you want a really detailed breakdown and look at the episode, Rose Moore (again!) has already done a great job at that, so check out her article!

Undoubtedly, this trailer is my favorite on this list (love Flash and Gotham, don't get me wrong!) It's just so tense, and this episode is going to be the ultimate in rewarding fans. Try to keep it together:

As if that wasn't enough, Arrow and Flash are finally getting what they deserve in the form of...

Pop Vinyls! I don't know why I'm so excited. I mean, I love the concept, and the Game of Thrones ones have always looked great, but I've never actually bought any. Of course, that's all going to change, because a row of these on my desk is going to make my life when they hit stores in May.

The Flash too! It's just too good. But, wait, there's seems as if, while they've only revealed a pair, some leaked concept art hints at another villain going to be hitting stores, too.

That's right! Reverse Flash! It's just too awesome, right? Not to mention that rumor has it - given that these guys come in waves usually - we'll get a second wave of supporting characters, quite possibly including other characters like Arsenal, Diggle, Laurel's Black Canary, Felicity, the Atom, the S.T.A.R. Labs team, Heatwave, and even more!

Whatever the case, these guys are going to dominate my desk, and they should dominate yours, too.

In Other News

After articles this week and all the news last week, I'm kind of burned out.
After articles this week and all the news last week, I'm kind of burned out.

If you want a look at the Lazarus Pit in Arrow (potentially), click here!

And if you want to see some set photos of a certain Arrow character wearing the Arrow suit, something that will "change the show forever," and some speculation on why he might be doing that, click here.

While we wait for these sure to be amazing episodes this week and try not to let the hype consume us (not gonna happen in my case), have a read, or go and check out the site's new layout! It's gonna be a great week!

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Do you think you'll buy some of these guys?


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