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How the Parents are the true Heroes we all needed.

By NoirNerd

The Man of Steel, The World's greatest Detective. This duo of heroes have saved the world or worlds, so many times that they are Idols in the eyes of the universe. I really wanted to say “In the eyes of men.” but that would be a major understatement. But of all of their accomplishments we rarely think what makes them sacrifice their all of the sake of others, I mean they sacrifice their private lives, their actual lives, and so much more just to make sure that doomsday device doesn’t spoil little jimmy’s day. So here I am trying to put my random thoughts into a coherent article about how their parents are the true heros.

Let’s Start with Supermans parent’s. Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van. And Martha and Jonathan Kent.

While the Kents raised Superman to be the man that he is, Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van Literally sent the last piece of themselves off into space so he can become a God among men. I don’t know about you but if my dad sent me off to become a God I will be Damned if I give him a crappy tie for fathers day. But on topic Jor-El was an amazing scientist and on a planet like Krypton full of really smart kryptonians thats saying something. A man who was very passionate about the history and people of Krypton. And the man believed in love or was curious about it. Because you see on Krypton the birth of children were based purely on Genetics and the parents might never see each other again. But Jor-El was like “Bish Whet? let me meet her first.” Lara Lor-Van was apprehensive in the beginning because meeting him was breaking social norms but like charmer he was the two fell in love. All this while their race was dying around them in waves due to a mysterious virus. So to save their only child Jor- El created a serum to let his only child leave krypton and survive while the rest of their world died and like any parent who would die for their child they had no regrets.

The Kents were and are the foundation of Clark Kent and Superman. While Martha gave Clark the loving warmth that every child needs Johnathan was there to let him know that just because he could punch a hole into a steel wall doesn’t mean that it was the right solution to the problem. I mean to think if Superman was raised by someone else he could turn out to be the opposite of who he is a God among slaves. Jonathan the backbone of the family had an “American life.” raised on a farm until he turned eighteen when he was sent off to fight in the WW2, where he was captured by enemy forces. When he returened he found that his sweetheart was married to a dying man who offered him to take her to avoid her the pain of his death but like a man of honor John said no. But the universe lead them back together and tried to start a family. But to no avail until one day they came upon the crash of baby Kal-El and Martha saw him as a gift from the heavens.

Martha and Thomas Wayne. Gothams version of Romeo and Juliet. Each coming from wealthy families that were rivals, After they married Martha and her family broke apart but she had Thomas to lean on. Thomas a smart and suave man who was a dedicated doctor dedicating his life and wealth to bring Gotham into the light. Martha the lovely socialite who like her husband wanted to see a cleaner safer city that she planned to raise little Bruce into. Thomas while traveling with his wife witnessed a bright light crash and when he investigated the sight he saw a strange crystal to which he was transported to Krypton in astral form. Where he met and conversed with Jor-El who grew fond of Thomas smart and kind ways decided that Earth was the Ideal place for his son to live. So basically without Thomas Superman could have ended up on another planet. Thomas was also kidnapped he was able to “Batman.” (I so want that to be a verb.) the thugs and have them arrested. While Martha like Clarks mother was the smile and sugar to Bruce and Thomas was the stimuli for Bruces intellect I would hate to see what kind of man he would have turned into if they lived… I know that sounds so bad and mean but I mean really look at how the last few generation rich kids have turned out. Im sure they each had great parents who loved and cared for them but in the end we live in a world where you gain a few thousand followers on instagram for being hot, rich, and hot. And Being a billionaire bachelor will mean Bruce would be a total jerk with millions of followers feeding his ego. Ok well maybe not but let’s say he never became batman and Martha and Thomas are still is around then, what is there for Bruce to do other than blow off boarding school to chill with the Kardashians on his fleet of yachts. So all im saying is the thing we all know. His parents death is the driving factor that pushed him to shut away his emotions and well being to protect gotham and instead of doing that with charities like his parents he does it dressed as a bat.

They never died to stop Doomsday from destroying the world nor did they wait on a raining rooftop to stop the joker from escaping arkham and killing. What im saying through all of this rambling is Our Hero’s Hero’s are their parents so let’s give them an overdue round of applause. But what do I know i’m just some random Nerd. ;P Let me know what you think about this article and don't forget to hit the heart button because you will save a thousand Ewoks with each one.


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