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I don't now if you have ever heard of this group. If you have ever heard of them then i think you know how cool they are. Its really hard to describe them and tell you what they really are. Here is a short description so you can get an idea of what im talking about.

"this piece of text was taken from this website(you can read the full description of them here):"

At an undisclosed time, an race of insectoid being later called the Timebreaker's discovered the Panoptichron a massive crystalline fortress that exists outside of time and space where alternate realities could be viewed or visited. Through their explorations they created some undisclosed accident resulting in a destabilization in the omniverse that threatened to destroy all existence. Pacifists by nature, the Timebreakers decided to seek out champions to correct changes to various realities. Finding that mutants in general and those associated with the X-Men in particular were highly versatile the Timebreaker's chose various X-Men from different realities. The mutant's they chose would later on become a team named the exiles.


If the exiles would be a t.v show i am sure it would be really entertaining well because you could learn alot of the marvel omniverse. The exiles travel through different realities and complete missions the timebreakers tell them to. As an example ill tell you that the exiles were give a mission to travel to Earth-957145 where Mimic(an exiles) killed that world's juggernaut to stop him from killing every citizen in Russia, after completing the mission, they were teleported to to Earth-989192 where the Japanese culture was to be extinguished within 10 years. They were instructed to kill the Avengers, but while the exiles refused and decided to save Japan instead, Magik (exile) secretly completed the mission.

Just think about how cool would it be to see a group of super strong mutants travel to alternate realities and see the unseen and the unbelievable.


Do you think the exiles should have a t.v show?


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