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Everyone is talking about spiderman right now and with it being hot on the lips I thought I would share some thoughts and feelings about the spider returning to Marvel with a few rambling paragraphs.

Firstly marvel have been actively trying to get their franchises back these last few years and its quite right too. Daredevil was probably one of the worst films i've ever seen and pretty much everything about it was disappointing but with that franchise safely back in the arms of Marvel we dint have to worry anymore.

However X-Men, Spiderman and Fantastic Four seemed way too lucrative for Sony to relinquish control but it would seem that the now disney owned marvel has got its hands on one of them. At first it was great news but afterwards when we realised it would be the loss of the amazing spiderman as we knew him, Andrew, it became a bittersweet victory.

So the Spidey makes a return, but as who? Who would you like too see?


Andrew? I know what I just said but wouldn't it be the icing on the cake if he made his return? Personally I want the next spiderman to keep his mask on until the last possible moment and then BAM its him. I would tear and tear of joy indeed.

Dylian - Star of Teen Wolf
Dylian - Star of Teen Wolf

I am sure all those teenage girls would enjoy Dylian getting the role of the Spidey. But Im pretty sure that our friendly neighbourhood Spiderman's credibility and his secret identity would be best kept WITH his shirt on ...

Donald  - Community and Childish Gambino
Donald - Community and Childish Gambino

I have loved Donald since I first started watching community, and with the lack of community in my life I would love to see him star as the Spider. He's charming and hilarious and in my eyes that's just what the Spider needs.


I first saw this man a few days ago when I decided to watch Wild Card a few days ago and even though he didn't have a massive role in the mainly Statham movie I loved what role he did have, quirky and easy to like I could image him in the suit indeed!

But alas, Enough of that, who would you have?

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Thank you for your time and as always stay Spidey!


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