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Everyone knows The twisted movie of Silent Hill. Which took place along the shore of Toluca Lake. But does everyone know about the real Silent Hill? Its ok if you don't because i have found some interesting facts about our happy little town of Silent Hill.

The movie takes place in a town of falling ash that has all of these creepy twist and creatures. There's a lot of things that go down in these movies and you can't help to wonder if any of these things are true. Silent Hill Revaltion has the little girl from the first Silent Hill and she goes back to silent hill to find her father who got taken by people who want his daughter. The movie is very interesting but there is whole other part of silent hill not a lot of people know about.

The real life Silent Hill is located in Centralia, Pennsylvania the town went from 1,000 residents in 1981 to a remaining 7 in 2013. The reason the population went down so much was because in 1962 a mine caught fire and has been burning underground since.

Silent Hill was founded by a man named Alexander Rae who was murdered in his buggy by members of the Molly Maguires on October 17 1868. The first 2 mines were opened in 1856 (locust run mine and coal ridge mine). A few years later in 1860 Hazeldell colliery mine opened. 1862 Centralia mine opened. The last mine to be opened was in 1863 and was named continental mine.

In the present day Silent Hill only a few homes remain standing the government tore down the abandoned buildings and houses. On route 61 Pennsylvania you can occasionally see smoke and steam on the abandoned portion. The mine is estimated to continue burning for 250 more years.

Would you go and visit the abandoned town of Silent Hill?


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