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I know its still quite a long time to wait, but I can't help thinking about it. Nobody can know for certain exactly what will happen from this point, but I've got a few ideas.

The Infinity Gauntlet needs an informative explanation.

First off, I'd like to say that it needs a different name. Not because I don't like the name 'Infinity Gauntlet', I love the name. And not because its going to be different from the comic books either. The reason it needs a new name is quite simply, because they've done something similar before. Remember the 'Tesseract'? Its supposed to be called the cosmic cube, but they gave it a different science-like name instead. Oh yeah, and the Aether from [Thor: The Dark World](movie:206462) is the reality gem. Yet again a different name. And finally, the Orb from GOTG is the power gem. Different name. HOWEVER, I actually really like this idea. And I think that should continue to name the remaining infinity stones AND the gauntlet. Think about how cool it would be to give it a name! Something like 'aureus manus'? Okay maybe not but it does need a cool name.

Second, and my main point, they need to explain its origin. I don't think it should be found in Odin's treasure room though. I know it’s been seen in there before but that was an Easter egg. It wouldn't be a big thing if they show a glimpse of it in one place and have a completely different origin for its main story... it was just a teaser. Personally, I don't know how they should introduce it. I'd like it to be better than in the comic books (Not hating, I LOVE the comics!), because its over rated as a part of the overall weapon. Technically, the gauntlet does nothing but hold the stones. That's literally it. It didn't come from some magical world, or some realm of immense power. All it actually is, is Thanos' left glove! He forged the glove himself, and the reason its so powerful is because it has all the stones on it in close proximity to one another. So I would guess that if you had all the stones together and mounted onto almost anything (Captain America's shield for example...?), it would have the same effect.

In the movie they should make it unique and have it originate within some kind of force that binds it to the rest of the stones. So that its more mysterious and curiously compelling.

An idea for such an origin? I haven't got a clue. My best shot at thinking something up would be to say that mistress death creates it. But then again, that idea sucks.

Everybody dies...!

I'm pretty sure that loads of other people have already thought about this. In my honest opinion, it will happen. If it doesn't, I'll be angry. But I think they should do this in a different way (though I'm not sure how it would work), to create a feeling of suspense and shock in the cinema - They do it at the end of part 1 :)

Just hear me out, okay. At the start of part 1, something happens similar to the Infinity Gauntlet graphic novel. So maybe half of the universe vanishes and everyone freaks out, then they find Thanos and try to stop him blah blah blah. Everyone in the cinema is loving the film. "Wow, this is so awesome they're meeting thanos!!!". Then they all fight Thanos, and things happen faster than anyone thought. But they don't care, they're all like "OMG, they're fighting Thanos, this is so goddamn EPIC!!". And then the entire audience goes quiet as the film ends. All heroes are dead after a brutal battle. Thanos smiles at the camera and maybe chuckles. And then it fades to black. And the credits won't even have music it will just be scrolling text. People will be like "What... the... heck?"

I don't know how this will make room for part two. I think part two should mainly focus on a certain perspective with a monologue from one particular character. And this character? You guessed it - Nebula! Yay, Thanos forgot about her just like in the comics (which just so happens to be really convenient).

What a sexy beast...
What a sexy beast...

For anybody that doesn't know, in the comics, Thanos' turns Nebula (Played by Karen Gillian in [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073)), into some really old melted 'wtf-is-that-thing' creature, to insult her and show his powers off. Then he becomes one with the universe and leaves his body behind, forgetting about her. Then she picks up the Gauntlet and reverses time, yay for her.

I think the movies should show this, through the length of a feature film itself. I know it might sound crazy but just let me finish. [Avengers: Infinity War - Part II](movie:2390833), should reveal that nebula is still alive and looking like crap. But before she picks up the Gauntlet, she tells her story. She gives this big speech to the audience about her life and morals. Like, erm... "It was never actually supposed to be like this. I thought the greater good would have dawned... I guess I was wrong. Funny that, isn't it.". That goes on for a while explaining how she wanted things to better and what not. And then she picks up the gauntlet, reverses time, kills Thanos. Hurray!! But at the end it is revealed that mistress death brought Thanos back to life. He isn't a villain though. I like the idea of having the end of the comic book series take place. The heroes find Thanos alive in the distant future. But he isn't really powerful. He's living on this planet alone, having a normal life, and is a happy farmer growing into old age.

And finally, something that I really want to happen!!

Gonna make this last part short. I basically want to see Captain America die last. Iron man has had his head ripped off, Thor has been turned to glass and smashed up, but cap is still alive. He walks up to Thanos and looks him dead in the eye. He then says "As long as one man stands against you, Thanos, you will never claim victory!". Thanos laughs and breaks cap's shield, and then breaks his neck. It was such a great scene in the book, I loved it.


What do you think about these ideas? Do you agree?


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