ByTyler Millsaps, writer at

Most of the fans loved the idea of Logan Lerman or Dylan O'Brien suiting up for our favorite web slinger. However Marvels crack at the series will revolve around high school life, shouldn't someone of recent knowledge from high school fill that role?

Reasons for a big movie company wanting a mature actor to play such an immature character is beyond my comprehension. Lerman and O'Brien both seem like valid choices for the role, however both star in franchises and doubt either one will leave them. So shouldn't Marvel go with a younger actor? I believe that Tyler Young can fill that role. You may think "I've never heard of this guy, he looks like a horrible Spider-Man." Believe me I'm aware of Young's little fan base. That doesn't mean he isn't capable for the task.

Everything Spider-Man, Tyler has. The body build is spot on, The one tone eyes that tell exactly the mood, and the face of determination. Sets it all. You may think "He's probably a terrible actor to have, I don't want him ruining the series." And you could be right. However I have faith in young actors. Giving them chances are what starts the new generation of actors. A petition is made for Young to encourage Marvel to see what actors are right for the upcoming role. Helping out his career will impact his and our lives. He may not be the actor for the role, maybe it'll be Lerman or O'Brien, maybe even a completely different actor. Still the matter of taking a risk to have a shot at the role isn't too much to ask from young actors. Wouldn't you love to be Spider-Man..?


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