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Hey Guys, although I have been on the boards for a little while, this is actually my first post on MP. I was taking my time to decide how I wanted to present "my voice" here MP, as there are already so many great contributors here. So anyways, here it is... my first article!

For the topic I decided to share with you several reasons why I think that the Russo Brothers are a better fit to direct [The Avengers: Infinity War](movie:738027) (Pt. 1 and 2) than our beloved Joss Whedon.

1. Presentation of Abilities

I have watched all the Marvel movies somewhere between 15-50 times each, one thing that stood out to me when I watched [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](movie:254973) was the on screen presentation of abilities for Cap. Right from the opening sequences of Winter Soldier, you get a great sense of what Cap can do and how far he is superior to a normal person. From lapping The Falcon 13 times in 30 minutes to single-handedly taking out all but one terrorist (thanks to Rumlow aka Crossbones) on the ship deck, it's clear that Cap really is exceptional.

In comparison both Joe Johnston and Joss Wheadon both didn't present Cap's abilities as apparently. One could argue that Johnston actually did a better job showcasing Cap, (with acts like having him chase down an automobile on foot and leap an approximately 30 foot gap after saving Bucky) than Wheadon did. In fact, a lot of the stuff Cap does in the first Avengers movies is minimized. As an example, when Cap leaps from the Quinjet into the plaza in Germany to confront Loki, it's basically presented off screen until he appears in the nick of time to save the Germany elderly man. It isn't even clear how high up he was when he jumped. Was it 5 ft or 50?

2. Appropriate Use of Role Players

I think everyone can agree that Hawkeye was under used as a role player in the first Avengers. Black Widow on the other hand may have been a little over used in that film, as she in fact got more screen time than Thor and The Hulk/Banner.

Screen time of Avengers

Hawkeye: 12:44.
Thor: 25:52.
Bruce Banner: 28:03.
Black Widow: 33:35.
Iron Man: 37:01.
Captain America: 37:42.

-Source: Geek Tyrant

In opposition, although I can't find a source of on screen times online, the screen times for role players such as Maria Hill, The Falcon and Nick Fury all seemed appropriate and balanced for TWS.

3. Wider Range of Character Development

The most obvious display of this is Cap himself, who is more edgy and adjusted in TWS since his appearance(s) in TFA and Avengers. Steve Rogers is more assertive, strategic and even humorous throughout TWS, while still maintaining his wholesomeness. In The Avengers, he just seemed a little "flat" and one dimensional.

The same can be said about [Black Widow](movie:1070824) in TWS, who seemed to expand her emotional depth which was first displayed in The Avengers with her loyalty towards Hawkeye. This was further developed with her further loyalty towards Nick Fury and her sadness towards his perceived death, as well as her newly developed loyalty and romantic spark with Captain himself.

This can also be said about the development of the villains such as Alexander Pierce and The Winter Soldier who may have been the best developed villains in the MCU to date.

Thanks for reading! What do you guys think? Let me know in your comments below!


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