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j(ason) wood

So, when the app came out, the first thing I thought about was..'how cool would it be if that when Ultron came to theaters that the Jarvis app would be "corrupted" and become an Ultron AI app. ?'

Well, now we know Ultron a different origin outside of the Jarvis AI (at least for now). So, does that mean that Tony Starks AI butler, Jarvis, will now BECOME the AI in Vision? Since Bettany is playing Vision, Marvel wants the "voice" of Jarvis to be included in the character. This is the major answer I am looking for this summer when AOE comes out. The reasoning behind the "creation" of Ultron and Vison, and Jarvis now too, is hopefully going to reveal a lot.

Back to the topic at hand.. So, if the Jarvis AI has nothing to do with Ultron, but instead gets co-opted into Vision, then maybe the app will become a Vision app instead of a corrupted Ultron app. Not as fun, but just as good.


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